Window Accessories for your Home

By: | August 04 , 2022

Customizing and decorating your living space with trendy and bespoke window accessories is a great way to highlight the windows in your home. There are plenty of accessories for your windows that can not only help can help dress it up but also help improve the functionality of your windows as well. Your home is a unique reflection of your personal style so here are some accessories to consider buying for your windows that will give your home a fashionable look that is both unique and exclusive while adding flair to your overall décor as well.

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  1. Blinds


    Blinds help enhance the look of any décor while adding oodles of style. Available in a variety of shapes and sizes, blinds are easy to clean while adding functionality and style to your windows. Blinds come in a variety of materials and are available at various price points. From aluminum, wood, vinyl to even bamboo, blinds are available in different materials and are extremely convenient to use. Simply raise or lower or tilt the blinds as per your need to control the flow of light while adjusting privacy as well. The only con as such is that all blinds aren’t made equal and hence don’t provide complete light blockage hence raising privacy concerns as well.

  2. Flyscreen

    Fly screen

    Fly screens prove to be a boon for areas where flying insects seem to be a menace. Made out of fiberglass, they cover an entire window with added functionality to slide up or down. They can help add to the style quotient as well as fly screens are now available in decorative wrought iron patterns, aluminum, and wooden designs as well. The traditional black mesh construction helps maintain a bit of privacy as well while not hampering the flow of air. This can amount to significant energy savings, which is beneficial for both the household budget and the environment. Additionally, these screens are also removable thus allowing you to remove them when they are not required.

  3. Decorative Film

    Decorative Film

    Decorative films help add a new dimension to your windows and glass and are often available in a variety of textures and designs. Available at a fraction cost of laminated panels, and patterned or sand blasted glass, they help block out the harsh UV rays of the sun while helping keep rooms cool in the hot summer months. Additionally, they also aid in cutting down on the glare and save energy while helping add aesthetic appeal to any and all glass surfaces. The perfect application for conference rooms, lobbies, glass partitions, or where ever there’s a need for decorative privacy, this film is sure to transform an ordinary window into a custom feature that is beautiful and functional for years to come.

  4. Louvers


    Louvers or shutters are relatively more expensive than most decorative window options out there but are a stylish way to add character and ubiquitous charm to any décor. Moreover, they can actually help enhance the value of your home multi-fold while adding enhanced durability and privacy to the mix. They also allow you to adjust the exact amount of light and breeze you want to let in by just adjusting the shutters to louvers accordingly. Perfect for a contemporary house or a modern apartment, these louvers help add timeless style and panache and are available in a variety of materials, styles, and textures.

Sunshades are extremely versatile, decorative, functional, and possibly the most affordable option on this list. Available in a host of different materials and fabrics ranging from hemp, jute, and flax to woven wood and bamboo, they are likely to match and accentuate the decor of any room. Sunshades not only help do what they are made for but also provide exceptional privacy.

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