Different Types of Window Frames for Houses in India

By: | August 02 , 2022

Be it a large picture window or a double hung window with operable sash, there are numerous types of windows with their distinct window frame types. Window frames not only support the whole structure by keeping them together but also ensure that they last decades without any maintenance hassles every year. Basically the major types of frames available on market are of four types which are discussed below –

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1. Wooden Frames

Among the commonest of frames used in windows are the wooden frames, thanks to its aesthetic charm and warm classic appearance. Wood frame is durable; it has been a dominant framing material for hundreds of years. The wooden frames are continuously adapting to contemporary style, their charm being unchanged.

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  1. Durable and can last long
  2. Even after using them for a few years, they do not lose strength
  3. Easy to install and replacing them is also easy.


  1. To keep their luster intact, wooden frames need great maintenance
  2. The frames made of costly woods like Mahogany and Teak are quite expensive.
  3. Prone to fall victim to termites and other insects.
  4. Can wither or rot under certain circumstances of weather
  5. Due to change in moisture, they can contract or expand

How to keep them long-lasting

You need to repaint the frames regularly so that they don’t rot and also apply a mixture of insect repellant mix.

2. Fiberglass Frames

Although a little offbeat, but these window frames are the most efficient judging by durability and their low maintenance. These frames have resemblance with the PVC frames with their extruded fiberglass sections. In terms of composition, the glass panes and the fiberglass frames are almost the same and hence, they offer easy contraction and expansion together in accordance. Moreover, their maintenance is simpler than wooden window frame styles.

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Pros –

  1. Excellent insulator and hence, can prevent heat transfer.
  2. Durable and can be repainted for maintenance purpose.
  3. Water and sound resistant
  4. They are insulated


  1. It looks like PVC Frame but is more expensive
  2. Don’t look classy enough even after being painted
  3. High quality fiberglass is almost as expensive or more costly than Wooden or PVC frames

3. Aluminum Frames

Aluminum panels being durable, has been incorporated with the contemporary architecture to ensure longevity and low maintenance. While being rugged, they complement effectively with your sleek interior and let sufficient sunlight to enter without wearing out.

Pros –

  1. Hardly need any maintenance if they are not colored
  2. These window frame types have no issue of wearing out, shrinking, rusting, fading or splitting.
  3. Resistant of sunlight and harsh weather –zero rotting or molding problems
  4. Don’t create noise like wood or vinyl frames

Cons –

  1. Costly than fiberglass and PVC frames
  2. It’s cold-absorbing characteristic makes it bad insulator

4. Vinyl Frames

Made of PVC or Poly-Vinyl Chloride, the Vinyl frames are affordable and durable. It can be incorporated with almost every window types by extruding into straight shape. After crafting of the frame, the glass is fitted accordingly.

Pros –

  1. Energy-efficient and offer great insulation for any window type
  2. Don’t need much maintenance
  3. Affordable than other types

Cons –

  1. These window frame styles don’t get much resale value
  2. Under harsh heat, the colors fade out and as they cannot be painted again, replacement is the only option.
  3. They don’t have the classy look like wooden or aluminum frames
  4. Not stronger than wood, fiberglass and aluminum

To put it simple, the window frames are more crucial factor than the window glass as the glasses can be maintained and also replaced easily whereas the frames are stationary and replacing them is a whole new hassle altogether. So, choose your window frame accordingly.

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