Basic Guide To Choose Best Flooring Material For House

By: | September 21 , 2022
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The best looking stuff or product may not be your ideal flooring. There are various factors involved like moisture, durability, cost and several others.Look at these questions before you make your final decision.

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  1. Does your floor have to be in the basement, bathroom or any other area which is a high moisture zone?
    For a high-moisture or mid-moisture zone the ideal would be concrete, ceramic or porcelain tile or vinyl tiles. If moisture is not a concern use any kind of tile. Easy does it.
  2. Do you have pets, children or any other reasons that create the need for a solid, good floor?
    In this case you need strong wear resistance. Some flooring like solid hardwood gets easily scratched so its not really a good choice. Though these can be sanded out. Good flooring here would be laminate, plank vinyl flooring or even carpeting. If durability is not your concern, then explore other options.
  3. What is your square footage budget?
    1. Rs 140/sq.foot or less: Within this budget you’d be best complying with laminate flooring. It has a wood like appearance. Sheet and tile flooring is also resilient and possible in this budget line. Porcelain or ceramic tile would also look smashing though its installation is complicated and highly labour intensive.
    2. Rs 140-350 per square foot: Domestic solid hardwood and engineered wood flooring you could muster within this price range but don`t expect some wonder wood. There are also several attractive laminates and higher quality luxury vinyls you can buy.
    3. Rs.350-or more per sq. foot: You can explore more exotic hardwood, engineering woods like kempas, ipe, brazilian cherry, mahogany. High quality premium laminate and luxury vinyl flooring is good for you.
  4. Do you want to install the floor yourself?
    You cut costs by half. The easiest to install is laminate and plank vinyl. You can also try your hand at porcelain and ceramic tile.


Another Run Through on Flooring

    1. Hardwood

durable and warm with a natural feel. A choice of many. For this oak wood is very good. The other woods you could use are Brazilian Cherry, Cherry, and Tasmanian Oak. They come in many styles. viz. plank, parquet and prefinished woods.

    1. Laminate

It is easier to install and is cheaper than wood. It is made of the wood base, is layered or laminated together, is topped with wood grain – input on the face of each board.
Then there is engineered wooden flooring with a real hardwood veneer attached to a number of plywood layers giving the flooring a better look than laminate.


    1. Bamboo

This flooring is also popular. It is tougher with groove joints. Bamboo has a tensile strength of steel, resists swelling and contracting with dyes in humidity.
Bamboo only takes 3-5 years to grow to full stature.

    1. Cork

Cork is another option. Gives a cushiony feel underfoot absorbing vibration and sound. It is ideal for wet areas like kitchens and bathrooms.

    1. Linoleum

Ecofriendly and made of linseed oil, resins, and wood flour, and has bactericidal properties.
It is antistatic. It reduces the potential of electric shock, is scratch-resistant, easy to clean, very comfortable, and is available in tiles in various shades and to create man patterns.

    1. Tile

Porcelain, terracotta, natal stone are some materials they are available in. It is most cost-effective. Has the beauty and hardness of stone and costs less and much easier to maintain than marble.
Vinyl is also very good. Good for wet areas and is easy to clean.

    1. Concrete

It is long-lasting, durable, low maintenance can be made to resemble polished marble. Makes the floor a wok of at.

Make your decision wisely basis your requirement as it’s a long term commitment for your project and property.

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