What is Bent or Curved Glass?

By: | November 10 , 2022

The glass that is curved or bent into a convex or concave shape is known as Bent Glass. The shape is achieved by gradually heating the glass till it is softened and then it is converted to the desired shape. The curved glass can be toughened before it is cooled.

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The characteristics of Bent glass are –

  • The bent shape can be achieved in glass ranging from 3mm to 19mm in thickness.
  • They have to be handled very carefully as they are prone to breakage because of their curved shape.
  • Each piece of glass has to be tailor-made.

The three commonly used bent glass are

Curved annealed glass – This glass is used for showcasing purposes in storefronts where safety glass is not a very major requirement or issue.

Curved laminated glass -In this bent glass, an extra PVB layer is attached between two layers of glass. This makes the glass very strong. In case it cracks the glass pieces do not fall but are held together in place because of the PVB layer.

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Curved tempered glass -The curved glass is tempered before being cooled. The tensile and compressive stresses make the glass very strong. Once broken it shatters into extremely small pieces which have chances of falling and injuring people.

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