Advantages and Disadvantages of uPVC Doors and Windows

By: | March 04 , 2020

A decision that many homeowners face when looking to renovate their home or while designing a new home is whether to opt for wood, aluminium doors or uPVC doors and windows. Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride or UPVC doors and windows have shot up in popularity in recent years and are being widely used in homes. They make a great value addition to any home and installing them would be one of the best decisions any homeowner can make to enhance their house’s functionality and overall usability. Weighing up the pros and cons is never easy either but with our guide, we have tried to list out all possible uPVC doors windows advantages and disadvantages.

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Installing uPVC doors and windows have a string of advantages. Some of them are listed below:

    1. Durable and Sturdy

      • One the major advantages of uPVC windows and doors are that they are much stronger and made out of far more durable material than traditional wooden doors partly due to the manner in which they are constructed. This not only makes them long lasting and resilient but also makes it highly unlikely that you will ever need to change your door again. UPVC is an exceedingly durable material and ensures your door will stand the tests of time and never lose their shape.

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  1. Easy to Maintain

    • UPVC doors and windows require very little maintenance and unlike wooden doors, are not prone to rotting, flaking, rusting, fading, or corroding. Besides, they are weatherproof and rigid and can be cleaned easily with just an occasional wipe-down. Frequent oiling might be required for the locking mechanism from time to time.
  2. Insulation and environmentally friendly

      • Renowned for the high level of insulation they provide, UPVC windows and doors not only keep you warm during winters but are also sound-proof and help cut noise levels considerably which goes a long way in reducing stress levels.

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    • Additionally, because they keep out the cold and dampness and prevent warm air from escaping, you end up using less electricity which has a positive impact on your energy bills. Saving energy makes UPVC doors and windows more environmentally friendly than its wooden and aluminium counterparts.
  3. Enhanced Security and Hazard Resistant

    • UPVC doors and windows provide a much better level of security than traditional wooden doors. They are reinforced with galvanised steel which makes them extremely hard to be broken down or forced open. Moreover, uPVC is a stable material which makes it sea-water resistant, pollution resistant and also chemical proof while naturally being flame retardant as well.
  4. Pricing

    • uPVC doors and windows are significantly cheaper than both wooden and Aluminium options.

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Despite their pros, uPVC doors and windows disadvantages are also quite prevalent. Listed below are some of the main ones.

    1. Structural Integrity

      • Despite their robustness, uPVC windows and doors are prone to sagging and sashing due to their light weight and also because they are structurally not as strong as aluminium windows. Too much heat can even result in the rupture of their frames.

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    1. Customization

      • Despite modern advances leading to several more texture and colour choices, uPVC windows and doors still lag behind wooden or aluminium doors when it comes to picking and choosing colours and customization options. Wooden and aluminium windows permit the use of paint and varnish in any colour which lets you create a defined look in your house that seamlessly blends in with your household style and decor.

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  1. Long-Lasting Appeal

        • Wooden windows and doors lend a touch of suave sophistication and refinement while adding a rustic touch giving your home a far more tasteful look than uPVC. Aesthetically pleasing, wooden doors and windows help retain your home’s charm and character. UPVC often lacks character and can look out of place on traditional homes.

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    • Additionally, wooden and aluminium doors and windows are crafted to precisely fit your frames to give it a nice snuggly look. uPVC, on the other hand, are mass manufactured and you will easily be able to distinguish the marked difference in quality levels.
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