Ceramic Tile vs. Porcelain Tile

By: | September 12 , 2022
  • Ceramic tiles are made of natural clays, sand and water, then they are hardened permanently by baking in a kiln. Porcelain tiles are made of refined clays, sand and water, hence Porcelain tiles are ceramic tiles that are heated and hardened at very high temperatures.
  • Ceramic tiles are slightly porous. Porcelain tiles are very dense and impervious, highly resistant to water and more stain resistant than ceramic tiles.
  • Ceramic tiles are not very strong; they are brittle and prone to cracking and getting chipped. Porcelain tiles have very strong material strength and do not easily break or get cracked.
  • Ceramic tiles are cheaper than Porcelain tiles.
  • Ceramic tiles are light weight while Porcelain tiles are heavier as they are composed of a very dense material.
  • Ceramic tiles are used mainly in the interiors. Porcelain tiles are used in both the interiors as well as the exteriors.
  • Ceramic tiles are soft and easier to cut than Porcelain tiles.
  • Ceramic Tiles are finished with a top glaze which incorporates the colour, pattern and texture of the tile. A Full body Porcelain tile carries the colour and pattern throughout the thickness of the tile.
  • Ceramic tiles are appropriate for residential use while Porcelain tiles are suitable for residential purpose and areas of light commercial traffic.

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