What are the advantages and disadvantages of Ceramic Tiles?

By: | September 28 , 2022
Advantages and disadvantages of ceramic tilesCeramic Tiles

Ceramic Tiles are cheap, durable and the most commonly used flooring and wall tiling material. They are readily and easily available in boxes. Since they are economical these tiles are being generously used in different areas.

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Advantages of Ceramic Tiles

  • Ceramic tiles are available in small sizes; this makes the tile very handy and easy to use. It also prevents wastage in tile material.
  • They are scratch resistant, anti-skid and highly durable.
  • They find their use in kitchens and bathrooms. The tiles are not strong for exterior use.
  • The tiles are very easy to clean and require very low maintenance.
  • The tiles are available in numerous designs and colors and in digitally printed options.
  • They are available as glazed and unglazed tiles . In glazed tiles a layer of glaze is added as the top most layer of the tile. The glazed layer makes the tile highly resistant to stains.

Disadvantages of Ceramic Tiles

  • They are not very strong tiles. In case any heavy object falls on the floor it can develop cracks and break.
  • Whenever ceramic tiles need to be replaced there might be difficulty to find ceramic tiles of the same colour and batch, hence during floor installation extra tiles should be kept as a backup. The old designs of tiles are very speedily replaced by new designs.

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