Difference Between 303 and 710 Grade Plywood

By: | August 17 , 2022
303 and 710 grade plywoods

Plywoods are engineered wood products which are made by bonding sheets of wood using resin. The grain patterns of alternate layers of the sheets are rotated 90 degree to each other in a plywood. The right kind of plywood needs to be selected as per your requirement. As per Indian standards, is 303 plywood specification stands for Moisture resistant and Boiling Water Resistant grades of plywood. IS 710 specification, on the other hand, stands for Marine grade plywood.

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Features of IS 303 grade plywood

IS 303 plywood is of two types; BWR and MR plywoods.

MR- Moisture Resistant plywood is not waterproof in nature but resists moisture up to a particular level. It is of a lesser quality as compared to BWR grade plywood. Resin used to bond the sheets of wood in MR grade plywood is Urea Formaldehyde. MR grade plywood is used for making indoor furniture items such as chairs, beds, tables, etc. MR plywood can only be used to make furniture which are not prone to get wet.

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BWR- Boiling Water Resistant grade plywood is waterproof in nature and is also resistant against boiling water. Phenol formaldehyde synthetic resin is used for bonding the piles of veneers together in BWR grade plywood. This is an external grade plywood which can be used for external sheathing of the building, as roofing material, etc. Waterproof quality of the plywood means that it can be also be used for making indoor furniture likely to get wet. For example, kitchen and bathroom furniture.

MR grade plywoods are cheaper as compared to BWR grade plywoods. For example, 19mm boards of MR plywood can cost between Rs 40 and Rs 90 per square feet while 19mm boards of BWR plywood can cost between Rs 60 and Rs 150 per square feet.

Features of IS 710 grade plywood

Marine grade plywoods have IS 710 specification. Marine grade plywood is much stronger than both MR and BWR grade plywood. It also has has superior waterproof quality. This can be gauged from the fact that Marine plywood can be submerged in water for 72 hours without any kind of damage. Phenol formaldehyde resin is used for bonding the piles of veneer in marine plywood. Marine grade plywood is used for making ships and boats. It is also an exterior grade plywood designed to withstand extreme weather conditions. Marine grade plywood is not used for making furniture. The is 710 plywood prices range between Rs 100 and Rs 200 per square feet in case of 19mm boards.

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Comparison between IS 303 and IS 710 grade plywood

These are some of the points illustrating plywood 303 vs plywood 701 comparison.

  • 303 plywoods are water resistant and not waterproof. Such plywoods can withstand only a certain level of humidity and dampness. 710 plywoods, on the other hand, are completely waterproof as they are tailor-made for marine applications.
  • Diluted Urea Formaldehyde resin or Phenol Formaldehyde resin is used to bond the veneers in 303 plywoods. On the other hand, undiluted Phenol Formaldehyde resin is used to bind the veneers in case of 710 plywoods. This synthetic plastic resin enhances the waterproofing quality of 710 plywood.
  • 710 plywood is a better external grade plywood as compared to BWR plywood coming under 303 grade plywood.

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  • 303 grade plywood is used for making both home and office furniture. BWR grade plywood is also used as external plywood. It is also used for interior decoration such as making panels, partitions, etc. 710 grade plywood, on the other hand, is used mainly for marine applications such as building ships and boats.
  • 710 grade plywood is costlier than 303 grade plywood. This is because of the superior quality of glue and wood used in the former.

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