Different Types of Chimneys Used in Kitchen

By: | September 28 , 2021
Types of Chimneys for kitchen

The wall mounted chimney is the most popular in India. These kind of chimneys need ducts to let the smoke go away into the outside world. There are also ductless varieties available in such types of Chimneys.

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These chimneys clean up the air and give it back to the kitchen. Then there is a similar type of kitchen chimney called the island chimney. These seem to hang from nowhere. These are mostly found in hotels and restaurants and normally there if the countertop is not stuck to a wall. Sometimes the change in filters can cause the type to change or the same type can afford different types of filters fitted inside.

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Here we take you on a journey with the various kinds of filters.

1. Mesh Filter

The first one is a mesh filter. These have many layers of aluminium or steel mesh to trap solid particles and allow the smoke to go out. These require regular and high maintenance on an average. They may also reduce the suction ability of the chimney because of clogging, if not cleaned regularly. Wash the filters regularly if you are using this type of filter.

2. Baffle Filter

The next one is a baffle filter. This one is 30% better than the mesh filter. Here the panels on the filter have many curves which allow smoke to go out and away freely and suck up the grease and oil. This is easier to take care of, needing cleaning after every 3-4 months. You can detach these from the chimney and clean at home.

3. Carbon Filter

We now bounce you on to the carbon filter. These get rid of the bad smell from the food. It is made of charcoal. It can be used in ductless or ducted chimneys. The grease and oily particles cling to the filter, so the filters need to be replaced every six months. It is popular in India.

Suction power which the chimney uses to extract the spicy and smoky air from your kitchen is of mist importance before you decide upon a chimney.

The chimney should be able to extract 10 times the volume of air in a given space. Suction power is measured in cubic meters per hour. A chimney with higher suction power is preferred. For example, if the volume of your kitchen is 4x4x3 meters which is equal to 48 meter cube. You should take a chimney with suction power of 240 meter cube per hour. The width of the chimney should be equal to or more than the width of your cooking range or stove. It should not be smaller than 60 cm for an Indian kitchen. A 2-4 burner stove could have a chimney 60cm wide. A 3-5 burner stove should have a chimney at least 90cm wide. A distance of 26-30 inches should be there between the stove and the chimney. A less distance could mean your chimney catching fire and more distance would affect the suction power.

Cleaning the chimney regularly is very important.

As far as cost is concerned the ductless chimneys and are cheaper than the ducted ones. The ductless ones use carbon filters and ducted chimneys use wire mesh or baffle filters. Ducted ones are 30% better than the ductless ones. They are also easier to maintain.

To sum up on how to choose a good chimney you should look at:

  • Different types of chimneys
  • Types of chimneys filters
  • Suction power of chimney
  • Size of chimney
  • Maintenance and cleaning aspect

Kitchen chimney can be called an exhaust hood too.

We here took you on a journey of the chimney world. I hope it has brought some clarity on the matter and would be of some assistance to you before you embark on a chimney of your choice.

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