Different Types of Tapes and Their Uses

By: | October 27 , 2022

Adhesive strips are very useful for bonding, packing, and fixing many things. If the question What is Tapes ever lingers in your mind you should know that they are glue strips that can hold things tightly for a long time. Besides that, they are a very useful tool in DIY craft. Be it your home or office, you can use these strips as necessary. You can attach frames on walls with these strips, it can aid you in coloring too. Moreover, they are easy to use, and have great adhesive strength. There are Different Types of tape, and you should know about them in detail to understand which one is ideal for what type of use.

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Here are the Different Types of Tapes and Their uses you should learn about

  • Anti Skid Tapes

  • Double Sided Tape

  • Drywall Tapes

  • Edge Banding Tape

  • Electrical Insulation Tapes

  • Masking Tapes

  • Packaging Tape

Based on the usage, the adhesive strips are classified into certain types. Go through the details before buying to get hold of the correct product. The different types are:

Anti-skid strips

Anti skid strips online

Anti-skid strips they are very useful where you need friction and foot traffic is more. These strips do not let you fall and thus are commonly used near pools, bathtubs, bathrooms, kitchens, and areas near water. You get a non-slippery surface as you use these strips. Moreover, Anti Skid Tapes are inexpensive, and you can get them in several color options.

Two-sided strips

Best Two-sided strips

Two-sided strips are not only useful for crafts but also for your home. It is easy to adhere them to the wall and attach other things to it. You can also stick them to other surfaces. The Double Sided Tape helps you to stick photo frames, racks, wall hangings, and many other things on the wall. They are not only long-lasting but durable and work for many products. You can even reuse them as required. Childrens’ can use these strips for craftwork, and you can use them for DIY items.

Drywall strips

Top Drywall strips

Drywall strips if you want to fix internal angles or use them for crack resistance, there is no better option than the Drywall Tapes. The strips are very efficient for their chamfered edges, center grease, and sparkled perforation. Besides that, they are easy to use and work on multiple surfaces.

Edge Balancing Stripes

Edge Balancing Stripes

Edge balancing stripes the edge balancing adhesive strips are ideal for furniture. They not only protect the corner of the furniture but also provide a proper finishing. Moreover, the Edge Banding Tape acts as a protection against any external attack like heat and dust. They are available in many shades, and you can choose them according to the furniture you have.

Electrical insulation strips

Electrical insulation strips

Electrical insulation strips you must have heard the name of black strips? The Electrical Insulation Tapes are commonly known as black strips and are used to bond wires and other electrical components. You can get them in several colors like black, green, red, yellow, blue. They have very strong adhesion and thus last for a long time. They are widely available across all stores.

Masking Strips

Masking Strips

Masking strips the marking strips are widely popular among artists and are also known as painter’s strips. They are an inevitable part of painting and craft. The Masking Tapes helps you color various zones and shading some by blocking the area you want to keep blank. They are not only available in various sizes but also in thicknesses too. You don’t have too many color options for these strips and will get them in white color only.

Packing strips

Packing Strips

Packing strips the Packaging Tape is commonly used by the packers and movers and courier service personals to pack boxes and transport them from one place to another. There are some kinds of packing strips that are also available. Some of them are printed, some colored, and some transparent. Besides being reasonable, they are accessible on many widths and have strong adhesion. That is why you will see them not falling apart.

Don’t forget to take note of the following points before buying Different Types of tape

Here are some of the important factors that you need to consider while buying the adhesive strips. It will help you to select the perfect item and use it without any regret. The things to check are:

Requirement: The first thing you need to consider is what your requirement is. If you need a strip for painting, you can’t buy an electrical adhesive strip. Similarly, a drywall adhesive strip is of no use if you need anti-skid strips for your pool. Be clear about the requirements you have and then select the type for purchasing.

Size and width: There are broad adhesive steps while there are narrow ones too. You can even get a big reel of strips beside the small sizes. So, you need to choose one depending upon your requirement. Some strips have less width while some have bigger width.

Color: When it comes to color, some of the strips have options to choose from, but all don’t. There are red, blue, green, black, and white strips. However, on the contrary, there are transparent strips and printed ones too. Depending on your preference, you can choose the one you like the best.

Finish: While some of the adhesive strips are glossy, some are matt too. Generally, most of them have a shiny surface that makes them easy to apply. In most cases, you don’t have the option to choose the finishing, but you can when it comes to choosing a type that has this option.

Knowing about the different types of adhesive strips will help you understand their workability. You might need them at your commercial place or residence. If you are starting your own delivery business, you can use the packing tapes. Besides that, you can use the right type of tape for your electrical wirings if you know about the different types of adhesive strips available. Be it fixing a frame on the wall or doing your craft – you will require adhesive strips. The backing material differs for the various types of strips. While some use fabric for backing, some use cellophane, foam, paper, polythene, and vinyl.

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