Eurobond ACP Ventilated Facade

By: | September 21 , 2022

What is ventilated façade?

Ventilated façade is a method of construction where a separation is created between the wall of the building and the exterior cladding (or façade) of the building. This gap between the wall and the exterior cladding allows the air to flow. The separation also provides thermal and acoustic insulation to the building.

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Importance of Cladding!

The cladding or the skin of the building has undergone a sea change over the past few years. These changes have been made due to the introduction of the pre-engineered structures, highly qualitative and innovative products, and the requirement of speedy project completion and availability of several options.

Having the right external cladding has its importance as it provides protection against weather elements, gives the building the external strength, provides ventilation and is energy efficient. Until the introduction of the Aluminium cladding panels, the onus of exterior beautification of a building was on the exterior paints. They were meant to be durable, resistant to weather conditions and light on the pocket. Despite all the claims by paint manufacturers, the painted surfaces required re-coating after a couple of years.

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Why ACP sheets are superior to paints?

The Eurobond aluminium cladding panels came as a relief as they were light in weight and very affordable. Their cost effectiveness comes from the fact that they do not require re-installation or maintenance of any sort.

One of the leading aluminium composite panel manufacturer, Eurobond insists that these panels are superior to paint as they offer the required strength to the building. Being resistant to water other weather elements, the ACP sheets keep the buildings safe from moisture absorption that weakens the structure of the building. When there is no moisture or water absorption, chances of mould and mildew growth are negative.

Secondly, the pollutants are kept out of the building and this increases the mechanical strength of the building. There are thermal insulation, better acoustics and lesser temperature variation in the building. As the Indian facades are usually closed systems, the aluminium composite panels in India help in the efficient working of the HVAC systems. There is an overall saving of energy and subsequent energy costs.

Availability of various Aluminium Composite Panels

The vast variety of ACP sheets available in India make it possible for building owners and architects to choose the best variant that suits the building façade and their budget. These sheets are light in weight, recyclable in nature, non-corrosive and are available in a vast range of finishes and colours such as metallic finish, solid finish and sparkle finish

The panels can mimic the look of other materials like wood, steel, zinc, marble and even mirror further giving options to make the buildings look beautiful and be saved from any sort of structural problems, otherwise caused by paint.

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