Explain Wall Cladding and its types?

    By December 30 , 2017

    Wall Cladding is the application of one material over the wall for aesthetic purpose. Once the wall is clad it will appear that the wall is made up of some other material than it actually is.

    The main purpose of cladding is to accent a particular design feature and add an element of style to the exteriors and the interiors of the building.

    It is a non-structural element and does not have any impact on the stability of the building. It is usually applied as a permanent material and provides added benefits like insulation and water proofing. The Cladding which is available in different colours and textures is usually fixed on the top of the existing structure.

    The different kinds of materials used for Wall Cladding are Stone, Wood & Timber, Brick, Tile ,Concrete, Vinyl , Boards , Wall Paper and metal cladding.