Cladding Vs Brick Vs Rendering For Exterior Walls

By November 04 , 2019

Once upon a time dressing up your house exteriors was predominantly limited to one function alone; to protect the exteriors from the elements and forces of nature. Today, however, the scenario has completely changed. Although it still serves the function of protecting your house, it now has other roles to play as well mainly insulation against heat and noise while also enhancing the cosmetic appearance as well.

The argument between which one is better is a long-running debate. Whether to choose between cladding vs brick or cladding vs rendering for your new home is going to be one of the single biggest decisions you will make. If you have been wanting to update your exterior, but still unsure whether to pick between cladding, brick or rendering, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s highlight some of the main points and take a look at the bone of contention between these three.

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Cladding is layer attached to the exterior of a home not only to protect the building from the adverse effects of weather but also enhance the aesthetic appeal of the home. Moreover, cladding is typically available in a range of materials ranging from wood, vinyl, metal, masonry and an increasing range of materials.

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  • Cladding is an easy process and can be affixed to almost any kind of substrate easily and quickly devoid of any hassles.
  • Cladding doesn’t require any kind of painting, sanding or maintenance. Compared to the time taken to brick or render your home, cladding proves to be a great alternative.
  • Cladding allows for a stunning aesthetic result that not only looks attractive and stylish but also helps add real world value to your property.
  • The range of styles, colours, textures, and finishes available to augment your exteriors is limited only by your imagination.


  • Cladding can prove to be very expensive, depending upon the material you choose.
  • Although cladding is relatively low-maintenance, if at all it is broken or dented, the appearance can take a hit and moreover it may be difficult to repair the damaged part mandating a replacement.


A brick exterior adds immense value and beauty to a house while also being able to look sophisticated at the same time. Moreover, there are also non-combustible and hence fire and weather resistant as well.


  • Brick homes tend to be extremely easy to maintain and requires only an occasional wash with a hose.
  • Since individuals generally find bricks elegant & charming, it can also increase the overall curb value of your home.
  • Bricks are an eco-friendly option as they are made from some of the most widely available materials on the planet today, clay and shale.


  • Compared to cladding or rendering, bricks don’t usually provide adequate levels of insulation with the exception of double brick setups.
  • Brick is porous and tends to absorb moisture. This can lead to structural damage and mould growth. Furthermore, after the passage of time, weather staining and other issues can make your bricks appear old and dull.
  • Brick homes often tend to run into issues with insulation.

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Rendering has gained popularity as it is not possible to achieve a suitably attractive and weatherproof finish with either cladding or brickwork. Additionally, renders are often used in cases where the exterior wall has taken some damage thus making it an inexpensive way to make it weatherproof again.


  • Rendering can help improve the thermal performance of the walls.
  • Rendering a property helps to give your house an instant facelift while also helping provide weather proofing to old exteriors.
  • Adding a layer of render to the outside wall can help prevent water seepage while also stopping this form of damp from occurring.


  • Rendering can be expensive and also high maintenance.
  • Render tends to shows any signs of accumulation of dirt, spiders webs, and water stains.