Fire Doors

By: | August 02 , 2022

Fire Doors enable Passive fire protection by compartmentalizing the fire and reducing the speed at which the fire can spread. It gives enough time for the safe evacuation of the occupants and bringing in of the fire brigade and other emergency services. The fire doors work as common doors in everyday life but in the event of fire, their function is to protect the lives of the occupants.

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  • A fire door comprises a door frame, door leaves, and all hardware and seals which work in tandem to make the door fireproof. The hardware comprises locks, latches, and hinges which have to conform to the fire safety standards. . The thickness of a standard door is 35mm while that of a fire door is 45mm.
  • Smoke seals and Gas seals are very important in Fire doors as they comprise an intumescent strip that expands in the presence of heat and prevents the escape of smoke or any other gases thus compartmentalizing the area.
  • The fire doors could be made of various materials like timber, steel or some natural minerals. These materials might not be non-combustible but they slow down the spread and damage that might be caused by fire

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