Cleaning & Maintenance of uPVC Windows & uPVC Doors

By: | August 03 , 2022

Many of us spend a lot of money in installing uPVC doors and windows at your home, but only getting it installed and expecting that it will last long is a myth. In order to make your uPVC windows and doors function properly, it’s very much important to keep the gasket profiles and the hardware clean. uPVC doors and windows require less maintenance owing to its strong structure, it is preferred more now a days than the wooden windows. uPVC doors and windows can maintain its shape and quality for a long period of time. To protect your uPVC installation and have a consistent performance of it, it is very important to follow some guidelines which are mentioned below.

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Cleaning of uPVC Doors and Windows:

Use a sponge for cleaning frames:

The first step is to take a dry sponge and clean all the parts of doors and windows and remove as much dirt as possible. Now wet this sponge this time and clean all the parts of your doors and windows again. Make sure you remove as much dirt as possible as it is important to remove all the dirt so that you can use a uPVC cleaner then.

  1. Use uPVC cleaner:


    Once you have cleaned the doors and windows with a sponge you can use uPVC cleaner now. Apply uPVC cleaner on a damp cloth and rub all the parts of windows and doors gently. Be cautious while choosing a cleaner as many cleaners available in the market can remove the shiny finish of your uPVC doors and windows permanently.

    Well, if you don’t have a uPVC cleaner or you don’t want to use some chemicals for your uPVC doors and windows then you can make your own natural uPVC cleaner at your home which won’t put scratches on your doors and windows neither remove the shiny finish of them.

    Take white vinegar in a water in the ratio of 1:2 and mix some washing liquid in it. Mix all of them together and your home made uPVC cleaner is ready now. You can use it in the same way as mentioned above with cleaner.

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  2. Buff with a dry cloth:

    Buff with a dry cloth

    After cleaning it with uPVC cleaner, buff the windows and doors with a dry cloth. Never use a wet cloth for cleaning after using a cleaner as it may put scratches to your doors and windows.

    In place of a dry cloth, you can also use a newspaper for further cleaning. Newspaper won’t put any scratches and also clean your doors and windows more efficiently and easily.

    Always avoid below-mentioned chemicals and cleaning tools in order to make your uPVC windows and doors last long. As they can put scratches and even erode or remove the finishes permanently.

  • Scrubbing pads.
  • Iron wool.
  • Nail varnish remover.
  • Methylated spirit.
  • White spirits.
  • Never use any paint or color.

uPVC Doors and uPVC Windows Maintenance:

uPVC door and uPVC window maintenance are not so big deal. It’s easy to do the task. One does not need the help of any other hand for cleaning them. It can be easily done from your own end and it won’t affect your pocket either. Below are some points mentioned that you should keep in your mind in order to increase the longevity of your uPVC doors and windows.

  1. Lubrication of parts: All moving parts like hinges and metal components should be lubricated twice in a year. Use light silicone lubricant for stainless steel hinges and other metal components should be coated with petroleum jelly.
    • Spray oil and excessive lubrication are not recommended for better uPVC window maintenance.
    • Never lubricate wheels and cylinders of your windows and doors.
  2. Condensation blocking: To reduce the risk of condensation always open windows in each room for a short period of time each day.
  3. Use prescribed accessories: Only use accessories given with your uPVC doors and windows and never use anything from outside. Fix them properly using screws. Never use wooden screws for fitting any accessories of your uPVC doors and windows. If anything is loosened or you are not able to fix them, better to call a technician for getting it fixed.
  4. Gasket maintenance: In order to maintain flexibility in gaskets it is advised to powder the seals with talc at least once in a year. Any particular talc is not recommended for this, you can use the one you have at your home.

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