Top 7 FRP Door Manufacturers In India

By: | November 22 , 2022

There are many FRP door manufacturers in India & if you’ve been thinking about remodeling your house, you’ve probably heard of FRP, or fiber-reinforced polymer or plastic. This composite material is made of a fiber-reinforced polymer matrix and is created with sturdiness, durability, and resistance to various environmental challenges.

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However, selecting the best manufacturer for these products can be challenging. So, if you’re uncertain about which manufacturer to pick, keep reading this blog.

How are FRP doors made?

These have a rigid insulation core covered in a fiber-reinforced polymer, making them look like wood, and then they are encased in an illusionary grain. Their designs are created using a special pressure molding technique that yields a smooth, void-free surface.

This entrance can withstand severe weather because it is composed of plastic, which won’t rust or harm the environment. Every time you reach for the handle, you might think you are handling a solid oak, pine, or mahogany door because manufacturers have gotten so good at simulating the look and feel of wood.

Top FRP Door manufacturers in India

Fiber-reinforced polymer entrances are currently manufactured by producers using the most advanced equipment. Experts use injection machines for polyurethane foam and high press at Fiber Tech Global. to create this item. These are the ideal replacement for entrances made of wood and plastic.

Because of the many different brands, you might be uncertain about which entrance to choose. We’ve compiled a list of the top manufacturers to trust when buying these passageways a result:

  • Durian Industries

    It is one of India’s top interior and exterior surface solutions suppliers and has over 40 years of experience in the industry. They have been at the leading edge of the industry, using FRP products to create stunning spaces for you inside your homes and workplaces. Additionally, they offer a wide selection of premium home and office furniture, cutting-edge laminates, strong designer doors, exquisite veneers, and premium plywood.

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  • Astral Windows Pvt. LTD

    They have been selling products made of fiberglass for a while. It is one of the well-known brands in the sector, producing and trading a variety of Fiber-reinforced polymer doors. Among the many products we offer are steel, fireproof products, composite materials, half-glass, GRP, and panels. They improve the aesthetics of the interiors and do away with the drawbacks of traditional materials like wood, which were heavy and only marginally satisfactory options. Since they are a quality-conscious company, they ensure that the raw materials and the finished products meet quality standards and have passed all necessary tests.

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  • Durofenster

    They are an India-based UPVC window and door manufacturer and distributor. They specialize in creating various fiber-reinforced polymer door types in a fantastic variety of designs, styles, and colors. Additionally, they offer various customization and tailoring options for different products. The result is a design that protects your working or living space from noise pollution, dust, and rain while fusing elegance with a touch of artistry tailored to Indian weather conditions.

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  • Gujcon

    The company offers you a wide variety of decorative goods for your homes and workplaces. They offer the most up-to-date designer entryways at wholesale prices in India in various designs, including Eco-friendly, flush, veneer, membrane, FRP, molded, fire-rated, and others used for both the interior and exterior of your homes and workspaces. Their state-of-the-art facilities, cutting-edge equipment, and highly skilled team members meet the requirements for wooden manufacturing.

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  • Engineer Ply

    They are among India’s top producers of FRP products thanks to their two decades of broad industry experience and exposure. They are quickly on their way to becoming one of India’s most popular brands. This business constantly expands as a multifaceted organization to explore new ground for technological advancement and total client satisfaction. They are among the leaders in the industry thanks to their extensive global reach and nationwide dealer network in India.

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  • Future Fabtech

    They are a well-known company specializing in producing, exporting, and supplying an extensive selection of FRP windows and shutters. The products they offer are well received and have a solid reputation with public sector organizations, architects, and interior designers. They manufacture their products with a very experienced and skilled workforce. With your characteristics and budget in mind, the newest products and solutions can deliver a project successfully.

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  • 7star

    They follow international quality standards to produce dependable products that meet the highest EN standards. They offer a wide variety of Design Solutions and profile systems that give you limitless options for designs and budgets. The business is a committed group of experts who can assist you from real creative to installation and handover. They have a comprehensive understanding of FRP and building solutions. You can look at a variety of colors for both personal and professional use.

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