Glass Facades- A death trap for the aerial beings

By: | June 15 , 2022

Glass facades beautify the skyline with their alluring and classy look, but the human symbol of class and beauty is proving to be a surreal death trap for the birds. There have been several instances of birds colliding with the glass structure and the forceful impact leading to their death. As Eurobond is the leading Façade expert in the industry, we would help you to understand how these Glass facades are proving to be fatal for birds and shower our thoughts on the matter.

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Glass facades have a reflective surface that reflects the environment around them, thus camouflaging themselves in the sky and the surroundings. We need to understand that the human eye is capable and our senses are smart enough to distinguish a Glass façade building from its surrounding but birds are not destined for the same. The bird-eye and its senses are not capable to identify the glass building as an obstruction, they see it as a clear passage to fly thus colliding with the structure. You may be thinking how just a simple collision can kill the bird but the bird’s flying speed ranges from 150 km per hour to 390 km per hour! Imagine your car crashing at a speed of 150 km/h, what will be your survival chance? Thus, a collision while flying is fatal for birds. The light-emitting during the nighttime form these Glass façade structures are blinding the bird that is leading to a collision. The fact is it’s not the height of the building that is responsible for these accidents but the glass façade finish, birds are getting collided at the lower levels because of the confusion. There were reportedly 200 bird deaths in a single day due to a collision with the world trade center. This number is going on increasing at an alarming rate. In India, such incidents are not recorded thus leaving us clueless about the data.

Our take on the matter is that the birds are an important part of the ecology and thus they need to be protected. There are many façade materials that can be placed and which are not harmful to the birds. Eurobond has an ample variety of facades (ACPs) that can be as alluring as Glass and very friendly to the aerial beings! The awareness of these incidents is less in India thus the main aim of Eurobond is to create an awareness in order to diagnose the problems and solve them.

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