Go Green This Summer With Budget Friendly Solar System

By: | May 20 , 2022
Go Green Solar System

Going Green is Going Solar

The earth needs help. The sun is dying to help. Let’s bring them together in the most harmonious, eco- friendly way of creating your solar system, well within your budget.
We discuss some gadgets here which can save up on many of our energy needs and turn them the sun’s way. Our earth receives more energy from the sun in one single hour than the entire population can use in one year. Now we will discuss cost and setting up of:

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solar panel house

  1. Solar Heating
  2. Solar Lighting
  3. Solar water heater
  4. Solar water pump

Let’s begin with the solar powered

  • Trash Compactor.:
    It compresses your trash and works well with solar energy.solar power Trash Compactor
  • Solar keyboard which doesn’t need batteries but is a little more expensive than a battery powered one. But is very useful.
  • Portable Solar Radio uses solar energy and comes with a solar panel and a tank. Works well for power outrages, camping or any time you do not have electricity. Almost compatible power to electricity or battery radio.
  • Solar battery charger for AAA batteries, cell phone and even larger batteries.
  • Solar backpacks to power your laptop, cell phone and wireless devices good for students, campers etc.
  • Solar outdoor lights can light up your patio, and your walkway.

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Solar energy how does it work?

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Solar energy how does it work

Solar electricity is generated by PV technologies that convert sunlight into electricity. PVC or photo voltaic cell are made up of at least two layers of semi conductor material. One layer has a positive charge , the other negative .
When light enters the cell, some of the photons from the light are absorbed by the semi conductor atoms, freeing electrons from the cells negative layer to flow through an external circuit and goes back into the layer that is positive. This flow of electrons produces electric current.

The cells are in a sealed, waterproof package called a module and when the desired voltage and current module are arranged in series and parallel. This is called a PV array.
A solar electric system can be either grid-tied or off-grid. Generally, PV systems are connected to the electric grid and don’t have a backup in battery form.

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Solar Hot Water: How it kind of works.

You can use solar energy for your domestic hot water needs for example; radiant systems of heating or your swimming pool etc. Solar hot water systems consist of solar collectors, well insulated storage tanks and are active systems with circulatory pumps and controls. The sun heats anti-freeze fluid and the heat moves to a heat exchanger connected.
There are two types of solar hot water systems. There are flat plate collectors and evacuated tube collectors. Flat plate collectors are normally insulated weather proof boxes that have copper tubing on a dark aluminium absorbing plate with a glass covering which is iron tempered.

Evacuating tube collector features parallel rows of glass tubing which is transparent. Each tube contains a glass outer tube and metal absorber tank connected to a fin. The fins outer coating absorb energy from the sun but inhibits heat loss.
How does one know if one has a good sight for solar PV or hot water system.
For a solar gadget to work, we need unobstructed steady sunlight for most day light hours and for most of the year.
Three factors are needed for your sight to be solar friendly.

  1. Shading
  2. Orientation (compass direction)
  3. Tilt (Slant)

Solar panels can be on the roof or even on the ground or mounted on poles.

  1. Shading: If your solar sight is largely un shaded between 9-3 pm in the day and faces south then you’re luck as this is an ideal location.
  2. Orientation and tilt : The tilt of the collector also works like this. The optimal tilt angle of your collector is equal to the angle of yourlatitude. For example; If 45 degrees is your latitude.

Solar panels are most efficient when they face south and are inclined at an angle-either on a slanting roof or on a ground mount. Panels on a flat roof can be tilted at an angle for greater efficiency. Another way of harnessing the sun’s energy is passive solar designs. Passive solar homes use building orientation and architectural features for heating and for cooling. Passive heating can be as easy as having many windows on the south facing sides of the house enhanced with a very careful placement of construction material. (having a large thermal storage mass) These surfaces act as heat bands storing energy during the day and releasing the same heat at night.
Solar light bulbs provide the same or enhanced energy efficiency as the conventional light bulbs. Outdoor lightings with these is good.
Solar power banks and solar chargers are very portable you just need to lead them out during the day to trap solar energy and use it at night to charge your device.

Dry your clothes under the sun rather than your washing machine dryer. Solar dehydrators dry up food stuff which can be reused later.
Use a solar cooker to cook food. Of-the-grid cooking can reach the a temperature of 120 -178 degrees centigrade. Cook rice, kheer, cereals, meat etc. Cooking slowly for longer periods of time.

Use of solar furnace- Directing the sun’s energy to warm up the air and directing it to where heat is needed. You can also use a solar surface to support heating during the day time hours especially during the winters.

So here we summed up some solar gadgets for you which are also solar-friendly in the long run highly beneficial.

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