Hydraulic Versus Pneumatic Door Closer

By: | September 27 , 2022

You could consider it as something which is of less importance!, but door closers are certainly not something which you can consider at the last minute and let it be. The reason is because, among other things, the well-being of your doors depends on the kind of door closers you choose for them. There are quite a variety of door closers which are available on market shelves. For this article however, we have picked to give you a compare-and-contrast between hydraulic door closers and Alt Pneumatic door closers.

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Before we delve into the differences and similarities, let us  give you a brief about what a door closer exactly is. It is a mechanical device which is responsible for ensuring that a door has closed properly. They are quite versatile and available in many varieties. Essentially the type  of  door closers are: surface-mounted, concealed in door and concealed in frame.

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Now that we have successfully established the basics, you must know that the choice of a door closer is influenced by multiple factors including, consumer preference, manufacture and supply options, and building configurations. Of course, the main factors for consideration are: weight and size of the door, placement of the door, opening and closing regularity, mounting location, economics, and backswing needs.

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Let’s take a look at both closer types

Hydraulic Door Closer

Hydraulic door closers are a very popular option amongst users for a number of reasons. This door closer is quite universal. It is a liquid-operation door closer type. It is available without and without hold pelmet open system; it enables the door to remain ajar at a 90-degree angle. And if you need it to come back in position, a slight push is more than enough. The latch system of the hydraulic door closer is endowed with latch system which controllable to increment or restrict the closing resistance of doors from air, tightness, latch, or door seals. The latch system is such that it can easily be used in doors with security locks. The closer will help close the door without making noise. As far as sweep speed is concerned, the sweep control is utilized to adjust and regulate the speed of the door as needed by users from the main arch of the closing sweep.

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Pneumatic Door Closer

For those that have heavy doors in homes and offices, the Pneumatic door closer is apt. It is built to be fitted with swinging doors which are heavier out. Like its hydraulic counterpart, pneumatic door closer also opens at a 90 degree angle and has closing speed that can easily be adjusted. The Pneumatic door closer is apt for doors of the heavier variety and swing outwards as well as security doors. Quite often, users of the Pneumatic door closer are skeptical about it is to be used. Well, it is not that difficult, after all. Let’s give you an example. If you want to adjust the door closer, simply turn the screw in clockwise direction, which is located in at the end of pneumatic cylinder. This will cause the closing to slow down further. If you wish to increase the speed then simply turn the screw counterclockwise.

Suffice to say, that both types of door closers are extremely handy and well-equipped with same as well as certain different features. It is up to the users and their needs, so as to decide which type of door closer suits them best. One thing buyers should bear in mind, that whichever door closer they choose, they must ensure that it is of the highest quality, and is well-suited for the doors.

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