Here’s All You Should Know About LED Street Light!

By: | September 30 , 2022
What are LED Street Lights

The light-emitting diode or LED Street Lights are a great source of brightness and illumination on the roads and open spaces. Earlier, many other kinds of bulbs and tube lights were used to illuminate the grounds, and public spaces to keep them accessible and useful for the public.

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However, with modern technology advanced, highly sustainable types of LED street lights are used in the roads and public areas. The high-quality lamps are extremely bright and radiant and can lit up huge grounds and roads etc. with ease.

Let’s Understand What are LED Street Lights?

These are integrated with the fixture and bulb being the same, and thus there is no need for separate installation of both. These are considered very useful and sturdier than the traditional sodium bulbs used on the pavement earlier.

Several styles are available to fit in the LED fixtures with different power and brightness levels. The street light can come in various shapes that depend primarily on aesthetic preference or the heat sink.

Heat sinks are used to cool down the LED street lights and allow the hot air to flow easily in high power bulbs.

Why Should LED Street Lights Be Used?

The various street lights are highly energy-efficient and consume very little power compared to the old bulbs used for the same purpose. Sodium and other kinds of metal halide versions used more energy and were not very consistent.

While the Emitting diode versions provide high luminance for the street compared to sodium or halide lights, they use half the power amount. These do not fail or damage easily and start to dim slowly, thus eventually replaced. Most big cities are now using this option instead of traditional lighting to save power and money.


There is very low power consumption in the LED lamps compared to other bulbs, making them an apt choice for heavy-duty use in streets and roads and open spaces. Replacing the conventional with the more energy-efficient version can save many costs, making the budgets come down dramatically and enabling responsible use of power to contribute to the green movement.

Longlasting and Predictable – Yes, with the Led street bulbs, you can predict how long these would last instead of worrying about them damaged. These are highly reliable and sustainable, thus give high value for money. Installing and changing street lights takes a lot of time and effort; therefore, it cannot be done repeatedly.

In such a case, if the fixture and device are not reliable, then maintenance staff may face challenges in keeping the area lit. There is no assurance when the old traditional lighting fails; thus, now everyone is moving towards a more lucrative option.

Less Maintenance – The lifetime of LED is a whopping 10 to 15 years making it five to six times longer-lasting than the old-style lamps. The power consumption of these is low, and these do not burn out quickly; thus, the chances of abrupt failure are less as compared to other options. When these bulbs need a replacement, they start fading up to thirty percent of their brightness, indicating a time to change.

They do not fail and shut down immediately, giving the maintenance time to change and arrange for the alternative. The repair and maintenance cost of these is relatively low, making it an overall cost saver.

Instantly Brighten Up – Quickly turn on and off radiating up to the full capacity instantly instead of the other form of bulbs and lamps used, which take time to brighten to their maximum capacity.

These bulbs close immediately and do not fade away slowly when turned off, thus saving a lot of power and money. They do not need to heat up eventually to brighten up entirely and work on advanced technology that provides maximum illuminance at one go,

Quick Restart – The best thing about these is that they also restart instantly when switched off and the turned on again instead of the traditional ones, which takes time to shut down and then an equal amount of time to turn on again.

This is highly reliable and affordable, giving a completely satisfying service when there is a power cut or a small flickering. Most of the old type bulbs fail when there is a fluctuation in power or a voltage drop; however, these are sustainable and withstand such shocks with ease.

No Glare – There is very little glare in these bulbs as compared to the metal halide or sodium lights, which are very flashy to the eyes. Keeping into consideration the sensitivity of brightness to the drivers, these are highly favorable as they do not flash in the eyes from a distance and distract the drivers while they are driving the vehicles. This reduces the chances of accidents and distraction.

Safe – The highly advanced and excellent quality street lamps do not have any mercury or other harmful chemicals emission, making the health and environment friendly.

No Mess – These bulbs attract fewer insects and flies as they have a negligible amount of UV emission, which catches more flies and insects. You must have noticed many flies and insects around the traditional yellow sodium lamps as these have high UV and heat emissions that attract the insects.

These insects often die while hovering around the lights due to heat and then fall on the ground creating a mess. With the LED lamps, you do not face this problem, and thus, these are favorable for outside, whether it is a garden or a playground.

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