What is Honed finish in Stone?

By: | September 15 , 2022

The honed finish is a type of stone surface that retains the natural and rustic beauty of the stone. It is very commonly found in Slate and can also be done on other stones like marble or granite.

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Honed Finish Stone Characteristics

The characteristics of Honed finish stone are –

  • It is a finish in which the natural stone is ground to a smooth and consistent surface while retaining its natural look.
  • Honing deepens the natural colour of the stone.
  • When natural marble or granite is honed the polish or shine is removed to produce a non-reflective matte finish. The rustic finish is usually lighter than the polished finish.
  • A honed finish is porous and has the unique characteristics of the stone.

The Honed finish is available in the form of tiles which are easy to handle.

Honed finish granite counters are used in kitchens to give a very antique look to the kitchen. In this case, the granite is polished before buffing hence it does not give a mirror finish reflective look like polished granite.

The honed finish is anti-slip hence it finds its use in outdoor areas, staircases, passages, etc.

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