Home Inspection Tips and Checklist Before Possessing a New House

By: | September 28 , 2022
home inspection tips and checklist

I come here to look at you,
You look clean and safe and alive,
Sorry that I need to check,
A few things before I move in,
Allow me in, dear house.

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There are a few things you need to check before you venture into possessing your house. Check if the builder has provided amenities which he promised. For eg, water harvesting, a pool in the apartment block, a well developed security system, wifi connection etc.

    1. The switches

      the switches

      How can you ignore the switches and plug points. Check if they are all working. Turn all of them off and on a few times. Check if all the holders and sockets are connected to the main supply.
      The next thing which is very important for you to check on is the A.C ducting. Check whether the outlet for A.C is good. Bad ducting can cause seepage in your walls.

    2. Piped Gas

      piped gas

      Check if the LPG pipeline is properly fitted and you can also go in for tests to check its proper functioning and there are no leakages and the connecting pipes are also not leaking in anyway. The brand should also be ISI marked.

    3. Leakages


      You have to ensure that the bathroom fittings and the kitchen countertops are not leaking in any way. The floor must have a slight incline to ensure its flow into drains and does not also accumulate in any corner. Ignoring this will cause problems later.

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      Next we come to the MCB. Which is the miniature circuit breaker of your home. This should be of good quality. Then there are low voltage, medium voltage, high voltage MCBs in the market. You have to see which one is needed in your home. Make sure that the one which is applied is suitable for your house.
      Check for the DTH service provider for your society or colony. The builder has to tie you up with tata sky, airtel etc. Repair and other services are provided free by these companies. Make sure such facilities are provided in your society.
      Check for good mobile phone network. Check if the broadband or the wifi service is available. If the pipe gas facility is available, check if the tubing is ISI marked.

    4. Safety Features

      safety features

      Make sure that all the features provided for your safety like the smoke detector, fire extinguisher etc. are working properly. Gadgets like the geyser must have a thermostat and checked to see that it is working properly.
      Check the ventilation. There should be no seepage in the walls. No termite eaten windows and doors.

    5. Roof problems

      roof problems

      Roof problems can be very dangerous and may make you drop out of your house in no time. Especially if they are old roofs. So check the roof for leakages, seepage and any other such problemStructural work on the chimney
      Chimneys can be a very costly affair. Check the inner lining and the masonry work must not have cracks or be corroding.

  1. Water drainage and distribution

    water drainage and distribution

    You must check that there is no water accumulation or a sump or water inside the building walls or floors. This will cause seepage, mouldy walls and at some point can disturb the foundation of your house. Get infrared camera investigation for your home to check out the blindspots within the building, what the eyes cannot see.

    This is another area that should be carefully checked, especially in the bathroom and the kitchen. See if all the drainage outlets are working well there. We don’t want any clogged drains.

    That includes checking your gutters and spouts, because if they aren’t functioning properly, it can damage the foundation. Water is the biggest enemy of your home.

    Countertops in the kitchen also can be checked and also check in the rooms. The water flow should be there. For that there should be a slope in the room and water must not accumulate in one corner. Negligence in this can cause problems later.

  2. Electricity System

    electricity system

    Check if the electrical wiring in the house is of good quality and with no points naked so that you and especially small children in the house are not amenable to trouble in the future.

  3. Foundation

    house foundation

    You want to make sure the house’s foundation is stable. . Foundation issues can be extremely expensive.

  4. Quality of the flooring

    quality of the flooring at home

    The flooring must be very strong and have no access by the way of wood-destroying insects..That can be carpenter bees, carpenter ants, powder post beetles, and, of course, termites.
    Check for soft spots in subfloors if there be any. Check for mouldy and musty smells because this could mean wood rotting somewhere.

  5. Noxious gases

    noxious gases

    You could do yourself a favor by checking for dangerous, poisonous gases like Radon which sometimes are present in the precincts of ignored buildings. These can be bad for health.

    Sometimes certain gases like Radon could be present in some area. This can be removed by placing a container which would check for the gas in some lower portion of the house. The house must be kept closed for 24 hours at least before the process begins,and the doors and windows must be closed. Make a quick entry and exit if you need to visit.

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    Being sure about everything will save you a lot of trouble when you shift to a new house. By checking on all these specifications, you can be sure about everything and relax while your dream home is taking shape. But you must not forget to make a final checklist before taking possession of your flat.

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