How are marble slabs installed?

By: | August 29 , 2019

Marble flooring is a very premium flooring and used in places which have very rich specifications. The thickness of the marble slabs range between 20mm to 40mm .The marble slabs are usually very big and have to be handled very carefully as the slabs are brittle and highly porous hence there are chances of breaking and cracking.

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  • In the first stage of laying surface preparation is done by cleaning the floor. In case marble slabs have to be laid on an old floor, the old flooring has to be dismantled and the debris have to be removed. The surface should be made plain and the hollow areas should be filled with a wet concrete mix.
  • After the surface is leveled a mortar bedding of 20mm thickness and 1:4 ratio is laid on the floor. The marble slab is fixed on it and pressed with a wooden mallet. Once a single slab is laid the surface is prepared for the next slab. Proper laying should be done to ensure that marble is leveled properly and there are no air gaps below.
  • One should not walk on the slab for at least 48 hours and a minimum curing period of 7 days is advised.
  • All joints are filled with wet cement slurry of the same colour as the marble. The entire process is followed by polishing of the marble to give the final finish.
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