The Imperial, New Delhi goes green

By: | July 22 , 2022
The Imperial

The Imperial , New Delhi is in talks to install a new set of compact solar panels, with an organisation to be imported from England. This will not only help benefit the environment but also regulate the cost of electricity bills for them. Alongside making this change, they also plan to work in association with New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC) in ensuring cleanliness in Connaught Place.

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“We are keen to partner with a company which has given us a proposal to install compact and hi-tech solar panels which will reduce our electricity consumption and operating costs to a great extent. They have stated that they will install the technology and share the savings generated,” informed Vijay Wanchoo, Sr. EVP and GM, The Imperial New Delhi, on World Environment Day (source: Hospitality Biz India ). The office, in addition to all this, is also trying to get done with the usage of plastic bottles and instead use pipe cold water at 50 spots in the hotel premises. Wanchoo feels that the change might initially be a little uncomfortable, but over the time it would be a win-win situation.

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“Over one lakh plastic water bottles are currently being consumed by the hotel staff. This will majorly help me curb the usage of plastic bottles by our staff. We used to have a Tandoor in the cafeteria which consumed over 40 kilograms of coal a day. We have replaced it with a chapatti maker which makes 1000 breads in an hour. This has also reduced the cost to 20%,” he added.

The hotel also includes the usage of sewage treatment plant, solar panels and conveying garbage into manure as a part of its conservation practices.

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