Standard Wardrobe Cabinet Size, Dimensions in India

By: | September 29 , 2022

Wardrobe cabinets are external and closets are built into the wall. These are also referred to as armoire, the wardrobes. They are primarily for extra storage in a room.Basic wardrobe cabinets are simple, with options for doors, drawers or open shelves.

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    1. Dimensions

      These are mostly 24” deep but can be as narrow as 18-12” deep. The straight height would be 72”. The width could be from 24” to upto 96”.There is no real standard for wardrobe cabinet measurements except that they should fit into the space you have for them. Once the dimensions are established allowances for doors, drawers and hanging space is set out.

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    2. Materials

      They are considered free standing, i.e. they support their own weight, even though they can be screwed on to a wall if its needed. They have 2 end jambs, with dividers or separators whatever it is that is needed according to design as well. ¾ inch plywood is normally set, it is strong, gives a smooth finish and it also looks nice and elegant. Other options are ¾ inch medium density laminate. This kind of composite building material has a slick, plastic type of coating which does not require finishing. This proves to be perfect protection for your clothing. Usually white bright in colour but could be dark brown or black. All drawers, doors and jambs can be built with this material. It is mostly used for storage, much preferred by home owners.

    3. Design

      At least one side should be for hanging clothes. If its for a bedroom, use both the left and right hand sides. The mid section generally has drawers but these maybe optional. Adjustable shelves can be added to the bottom section below the hanging clothes for shoes or smaller items. The individual compartments do not define the wardrobe design. If you want an open type of shelving its also good. Drawers from top to bottom can also be fitted in. Space only for hanging clothes can also be managed.

    4. Construction

      If you want to make on your own, this can also be done. After your design is ready cut pieces using a table saw. Basic construction methods include mitering the corners for hardwood plywood. Basic joining includes butt joints, which too do a decent job. Place the two side pieces on their edges to begin. Place the bottom and top pieces between them. Use a 1 ¼ inch nail gun to join these together or screw in the sides on the top or bottom using 1 1/4 inch screws with a drill driver. Place in the vertical dividers or separators next fastening them to the top and bottom. Now fit in the backs on the cabinet. Cut out a piece of 1/4’”hardboard, and if back is exposed use ¼”plywood hardwood. Now apply glue to the edges of the frame and staple the back to the cabinet using ¾” staples . Your job is done.

    5. Shelves and Doors and Drawers

      Use all sorts of adjustable shelves with the wardrobe cabinets. Drill ¼” holes on both the sides of the area 1” apart vertically and 1” from the front and backside where you want to put in the shelves.
      Use special shelf supports designed for this purpose by putting them into the holes. The shelves will fit on top of your supports. Space them the way you need it. Use side mounting drawer guides for the drawers. This kind of guide screws to the sides of the dividers and does not need braces in the back to support the guide. Doors and all can be added anywhere on the wardrobe. Use all sorts of concealed hinges, this mounts on to the interior sides of the jambs and does not really require a frame which is face type.

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