India’s Top Modern Drawer Handle Brands For Quality Pull Handle

By: | April 04 , 2024
India’s Top Modern Drawer Handle Brands For Quality Pull Handle

Are you looking to buy quality-made, economical, and personalized Drawer handles online in India? You have come to the right place. In this blog, we have jotted down India’s top 5 Modern Drawer Handle Brands that are well-versed to design and manufacture best-in-class, and personalised drawer handles for any space. These outstanding brands stand out the best among other competitors, so let’s dive in without even wasting a fracking of a second!

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Drawer Handle And Its Benefits:

A drawer pull, commonly referred to as a cabinet pull handle is a handle that pulls open a drawer, in other words for opening and closing it. A drawer pull handle consists of an escutcheon plate to which the pull is fastened.

Top Benefits Of Drawer Handle:

  • Aesthetically PleasingDrawer pull handles can be personalized specific to your interest. It also elevates the overall aesthetics and appearance of furniture, which means exceptional touch.
  • Modern FunctionalityDrawer handles are popular for their modern functionality by offering a convenient grip for both opening and closing drawers, which means ease of use.
  • Tailored solutionsCabinets handles also come in diverse designs, finishes, and materials which means full customization to meet diverse interests, tailor needs, and interior decor.
  • ConvenienceWell-designed drawer handles are popular for their convenience put differently, ergonomic benefits through reducing strain on fingers and hands during regular use.
  • Safety FeaturesDrawer handles also help protect the surface of the drawer by providing a barrier against oils, fingertips, and other stains. Drawer pull handles also offer a safety grip, which consequently results in the risk of falling or dropping items while opening or closing drawers.
  • VersatilityDrawer handles are fully versatile and generally available in a diverse range of styles, shapes, and sizes, making them the best-fit handle choice for various types of design trends and furniture.
  • Easy Assembly and ReplacementDrawer handles are generally easy to assemble/install, not just that they can be effortlessly replaced or repaired to update the look of the furniture or benefit changing interests.

Top 5 Modern Drawer Handle Brands in India:

  1. Sifon
  2. Suzu
  3. Atlantic
  4. Hafele
  5. Metax

1. Sifon:


Among India’s top brands for architectural fitting solutions including cabinets/drawer handles, Sifon drawer handles offer a comprehensive range of quality-made, durable, and cost-effective Drawer handles for any space. Sifon’s quality assurance, full service, and exceptional customer support in the domain of Architectural Hardware Fitting Solutions make them India’s one of the most preferred brands for hardware fitting solutions.

2. Suzu:


In the domain of hardware accessories, Suzu has earned an envious reputation through their quality-made, economical, and best-in-class hardware solutions from Drawer handles to cabinet pull handles to door knob handles to accessories, Suzu drawer handles have got you covered. If you are looking for top-quality, custom-made, and fully personalized cabinet pull handles specifically designed for your space, both interior and exterior, Suzuis your only choice.

3. Atlantic:


Atlantic is a well-known manufacturer of quality-made and economical hardware solutions personalized to your space. If you are searching for luxury and on-trend cabinet pull handles tailored to your needs, the Atlantic Drawer handle can meet your personalized needs all while staying within budget. With a focus on modern technology and cutting-edge tools, they deliver superior quality and fully personalized Drawer handles for home, office, or any space.

4. Hafele:


Hafele is a leading manufacturer of India’s top-quality and personalized architectural hardware, quality-made furniture fittings, and electronic access control systems, offering diverse and tailored solutions for any residential and commercial space. Cabinet pull handles/ Drawer handles are their top-notch and best-selling architectural hardware all personalized to your diverse requirement. So if you are searching for customizable Drawer handles for your interior and exterior space tailored to your specific needs, the Hafele drawer handle has got you covered.

5. Metax:


Every Drawer construction project has diverse requirements, therefore, there are plenty of Drawer handle manufacturers specialized in offering fully custom-made, economical, and durable cabinet handles all while staying within budget. If you are looking to buy quality cabinet handles online in bulk quantity within budget, Metax drawer handle designs and manufactures a comprehensive range of cabinet handles that meet various design interests and functional needs. Metax specializes in manufacturing all types of cabinet handles fully tailored to your needs and budget.

Where To Buy Quality Cabinet Handles in India?

Are you looking to buy quality-made, economical, and best-in-class cabinet/drawer handles in India, there are various authentic sources such as online stores, recommendations from friends, local suppliers, and manufacturers, However, it’s essential to keep in mind diverse factors such as durability, material design, and online reputation, before choosing any brand or manufacturer. At McCoy Mart, we have listed 1000+ Cabinet pull handle brands to choose from. From contemporary, and modern designs to classic Drawer styles, they have a diverse collection of Drawer handles ensuring the perfect handles to complement your Drawer cabinets. So what is holding you back? Choose one of our drawer pull handle brands and elevate the comfort and convenience of any space.


Q-1. What Drawer Pull Handles Are Popular?
A-1. Popular drawer/cabinet handle trends such as sleek and aesthetically pleasing designs, such as polished nickel, oil-rubbed bronze, brass, and matte black finishes, are currently modern choices for drawer pull handles, which means a modern touch of furniture for any space.

Q-2. What drawer pull handles are popular in India?
A-2. Popular drawer handles are bar pulls, finger pulls, bail pulls, and knobs, with a touch of polished nickel, brass, and matte black finishes, which are the on-trend modern choices for drawer handles.

Q-3. What Is The Best Material For Drawer Pull Handle?
A-3. There are a few top-notch materials used for drawer pull handles such as stainless steel, chrome, bronze, brass, and many more, owing to their durability, versatility, and corrosion resistance.

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