Interesting Facts About Solar Energy

By: | May 20 , 2022
Solar Energy

Solar Energy is one of the most important renewable sources of energy. It is capable of providing clean energy and it gets replenished every day. The solar panels that are installed, usually on rooftops, would absorb light from the sun and convert it into power that can light homes, cook food, provide hot water for use in the household etc. The panels used to absorb solar energy are made of photovoltaic cells. The photons in the sun’s rays excite the electrons in the panel thereby generating DC current that is then passed through an inverter to convert it into Ac current which can be utilized for different purposes in the home or in commercial buildings wherever the panels are installed.

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Facts about Solar energy

Solar Energy information and facts indicate that it is the right time to make a decision and install a solar panel to generate power in your residence or commercial space. You would be aware of the common and general facts about solar energy which include

  • It is a renewable source of energy
  • It is environment-friendly
  • It is cheap in the long run because it would cover up the installation costs within an average period of 7 years but would offer savings on energy costs for over 20-30 years.
  • It is a source of energy that is abundant
  • The solar energy production process is quite safe and can be harvested from anywhere as long as the area receives enough sunlight.

Etc. there is nothing new in these facts. There are certain interesting facts about solar energy you ought to know. They have been listed

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Some rare and interesting facts

1. The solar energy was put to use 200 years back itself

For all the focus and attention being directed towards finding a renewable source of energy, you would naturally believe that solar energy was considered as a source of energy only in recent times. But, if you would go back in time you will understand that Inventor Russell Oh actually created solar cells within a short time after the transistors were invented in 1941.

2. Solar energy farms have been developed in some countries

solar energy farms

If you are wondering what it means, it is nothing but a farm that harvests solar power. It is called a farm as it extends over a large area. The World’s Largest Solar farm is in China. The extent of the farm is about 1200km. The solar farm in China is located in Tengger Desert Solar Park, Ningxia and The Dessrt Civer in Mongolia.

3. Solar energy can be stored in salt

This is indeed an interesting fact which is hard to believe. But, it is evident that you can store solar energy in salt from the fact that a Californian solar farm could store energy obtained from the sun in 10 hours in a salt tower. The molten salt seemed to act as a battery to store the energy generated during the day from the sun. This is one of the fun facts about solar energy.

4. It could lead to self-sustenance

Since solar energy is 100% renewable, 100% safe to produce and 100% easy to maintain, it will help you to harvest clean energy devoid of harmful or wasted by-products. This makes it suitable for installation in homes and commercial buildings which could lead to self- sustenance over time considering the durability of solar panels that are installed to harvest energy.

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5. The country that produces the most solar energy

When you have posted such a question your answer probably would be China because it has the largest solar farm. If not you would be thinking of other countries which you think is receiving fair amounts of sunlight throughout the year. But the answer is Germany. This goes to show how laid back most of the other countries are, in harvesting solar energy.

6. Solar panels were first used in satellites

satellites solar panels

It is indeed interesting to note that NASA has been using solar energy as early as in the 1950s. They had used solar panels on one of the oldest satellite in orbit at present called the Vanguard 1. You can easily conclude that NASA was the first to use solar energy by using solar panels. They were the early adopters of the technology.

7. The number 1 region to use solar energy in the USA is California

California Region in the USA is believed to harness about 14 % of its electricity requirements from solar energy. What is even more surprising is that the solar power facts suggest that it encompasses small rooftop systems as well as large solar power plants in equal measures. The Mojave desert in California has a power plant that covers about 1000acres.

8. Solar panels can be repaired fast

You might know that installing a solar panel is quite simple and maintenance is easy too. But, the fact is that it is it is one of the electricity sources that can be repaired quickly too. When natural disasters such as storm and hurricanes strike, the solar panel facts suggest that they can be repaired quickly and power can be restored faster than it is possible with energy generated from fossil fuels.

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9. Installation of Solar energy systems can increase property value

Studies have shown that the buildings that have solar energy system installed in them enjoyed an increased property value when compared to the property that does not have them in the same area. This could be an important reason as to why you should consider installing solar energy systems because the increase in property value could compensate the costs you have to incur upfront to install the panels when you are thinking of selling the property.

10. The solar power plant last really long

solar power plant

Though solar EPC sign contracts, take up projects, commission, install and maintain and service power plants for 20-25 years, the plants do not become worthless after that. The solar panels are capable of being able to capture and convert solar energy effectively for more than 40-50 years. Research is constantly on to make solar panels more efficient. You can make use of them and retain the infrastructure to keep harvesting power. Therefore, there is nothing to doubt about the longevity of the setup.

11. The solar industry is creating jobs at a faster rate

It is indeed a known fact that the introduction of new technology could help generate new jobs. But, the job reports from the Solar Foundation seem to indicate that the Solar energy/power industry is Creating jobs 6 times faster than the other conventional fields in the job market.

12. 173,000 terawatts of solar energy reach the Earth

It is a fact that 173,000 watts of energy reaches the earth through the sun’s rays. The amazing fact about solar energy is that it is 10,000 times more than the total energy that is required for use by the people in the earth.

Last but not least, the fact is that the prices of the solar panels have dipped by over 70% in recent times despite more people actively thinking of installing solar energy harnessing panels in their residence and commercial buildings. This can increase the number of solar power installations and contribute to the reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and control global warming which is a major environmental concern.

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