Top 12 Solar Energy Products & Technologies in India

By: | July 14 , 2022
Solar Energy Products & Technologies

The search for renewable sources of energy that is clean has turned the focus towards solar energy. The solar energy is generated by setting up solar panels that use the light and heat from the sun’s rays effectively to produce energy that can be converted into power to fuel a number of appliances. Solar energy is a naturally replenish-able source of energy that is available during the day in most of the geographical areas in the world. Since technology has made it possible to store the energy generated during the day for use in the night using batteries, solar energy is considered as a favorable source of energy to power a number of products. The Solar energy products that are found to be effective have been listed.

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1. Solar Water Heater

solar water heater

This refers to the solar water heaters used in residential buildings and commercial buildings that have been traditionally powered by electricity being powered by solar power at present. But, it is possible only if does require certain installation processes for you to harness the solar energy to power the heater. It includes setting up thermal panels in the roof, installing a tank to store water and using other accessories such as a circulating pump and thermal regulator. The panels in the roof absorb light from the sun’s rays. It is converted into heat energy. This heats up the water in the tank when it is passed into the tank by means of the circulating pump. You may gain additional benefits in the form of reduced electricity bills if the hot water is used for the washing machine and dishwasher.

2. Solar Water Pumps

solar water pumps

The solar water pumps are used as water lifting systems that can deliver drinking water. It can also be used to meet the irrigation requirements for agricultural purposes. The process of water lifting is done by the electricity that is generated from the panels placed to harness solar energy. You can use solar pumps to extract water from borewells, rivers, pods and any other source of water. It can also be used to supply water for various purposes that are required. The solar panels that receive sunlight convert it into DC or direct current. If your motor cannot run on DC current, you may use the inverter. this would convert the DC current into AC or alternating current and this can be used to power the water pump. However, once the initial installation is done, it is easy to operate and incurs low maintenance costs too.

3. Solar Air Conditioner

solar air conditioner

Solar energy technologies have made it possible to power cooling systems effectively. You now have solar thermal hybrid air conditioners the compressors of which is powered by solar energy. Electricity is just used to operate the electric control components and to run the fans. You also have Solar PV hybrid airconditioners that are capable of switching between solar power and battery power as per the need of the hour. The solar AC is considered to be very efficient in terms of cooling as well as bringing down the expenses for electricity. Once the upfront installation costs are met, you can get ready to pay less for electricity generated from the grid. It is an environment-friendly airconditioner that emits very less carbon into the atmosphere.

4. Solar Water RO

solar water ro

Water purification systems are being increasingly sought out to ensure that you get pure drinking water that is free of harmful bacteria and dust particles. These systems, however, use electricity for the purification process. The solar-powered RO systems are a fine combination of best water purification technologies as well as solar technology to power them. The purification systems are powered by solar power rather than the power from the electric grid. This makes it perfect to be installed even in remote places that are off the grid-like army camps, remote villages, etc.

5. Solar Cell Phone

solar cell phone

You need electric power to charge the batteries that power the cell phones. Samsung introduced a solar-powered cell-phone called GuruE1107 as early as 2009. The in-built solar cell in the backplate of the phone made use of solar energy to generate electricity that was enough to charge the phone’s battery. Though there haven’t been any other solar cell phones in the market, you can surely expect more models in a short period of time.

6. Solar Charger

solar charger

The primary purpose of the charger is to supply electricity to the batteries of products that feature chargeable batteries. A solar charger in contrast to the electricity produced from fossil fuels that are supplied by ordinary chargers supplies electricity produced from the light from the Sun’s rays. You have cell phone chargers as well as multi-use solar chargers that can supply electricity for the operation of devices or charge the batteries in them. The products include drones, cameras, DSLR, laptops, tab, etc.

7. Solar Inverter

solar inverter

The inverter is an accessory that is used invariably with solar energy generation installations. It does the job of converting the variable DC current that is produced by means of the activation of electrons in the solar panels into usable alternating current. You might know that the battery of the inverter has to be charged to produce current when the grid current fails in the home or commercial buildings. The power for getting the battery charged is also got from the gridline current in an ordinary inverter or power inverter that you might be using. In a solar-powered inverter, the energy required to charge the battery is also received from solar energy.

8. Solar Cooker

solar cooker

The solar cookers are used to derive heat from the sun and use it to cook food materials and pasteurize drinks. Like the number of appliances that are used for cooking like the stove, oven, etc to suit the type of cooking, you also have solar panel cookers, parabolic solar stoves, and solar ovens to suit the cooking type. But, one of the major drawbacks of using a solar cookers is that the food loses its warmth quickly.

9. Solar Chimney

solar chimney

It is a type of heating and cooling system that is passive in nature. It provides ventilation and also regulates the temperature of a building. They are considered to be an effective way of achieving energy-efficient buildings.

10. Solar Street Light

solar street light

As the name implies, it refers to street lights that are powered by solar energy. The solar panels are generally mounted on the lighting structures or poles erected for the lights itself. The lights can be custom made and you can have different types of street lights.

11. Solar EPC

solar epc

The term EPC stands for Engineering, procurement, and construction. In the solar industry context, it refers to the concept of commissioning, operating and maintaining the solar plant that is required to serve the purpose that you are seeking a solution for. It is a sort of turnkey solution providers who are also capable of evolving new and reliable modules. The floating solar plant power that has been developed is proof enough for the innovative approach and efficiency of solar EPC.

12. Solar Balloon

solar balloon

The solar balloon is one of the recent developments in Solar energy technologies used for harvesting solar power. The balloons are meant to address the two problems that are usually considered in connection with solar energy like the necessity to use a battery to store energy for the night and not being able to harvest enough power when it is cloudy. The solar radiation creates heat that warms up the air inside the balloon. Since warm air would be less dense than cool air, the balloon floats higher and higher. These balloons act as solar panels deployed above the clouds and scientists estimate that the yield of energy from the ballons could be at least 3 times more than that you can produce with panels in the buildings, without having to worry about clouds too.

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