Kitchen Cabinet Hinges Type – A Comprehensive Guide.

By: | November 23 , 2022
Cabinet Hinges

How to Select kitchen cabinet hinges?

If you have a modern kitchen, you are probably aware of its importance. So, choosing the cabinet hinges that you attach to your cabinet is very important. This is the reason that you need to find the right one for your kitchen.

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Here are some factors that help you to decide:

Features of Kitchen Cabinet Hinges.

  • Decorative: Make sure that the particular one you are choosing is both functional and decorative, that is, looks great as well.
  • Demountable: If you install one that is demountable, then you can remove the cabinet whenever you want to.
  • Heavy duty: Heavy duty can hold the weight of the doors and ensure the balance is optimum for daily usage.
  • Hidden: Such a motion doesn’t make it visible from outside the cabinet, thus keeping it hidden. It is the ideal one for those who don’t want it to peep through.
  • Self-closing – These are usually used in offices and industrial places where you do not need to pay attention to closing it. It closes automatically when you release the applied force.
  • Soft-closing – Most doors make a sound while opening and closing, which is quite irritating. But these soft-closing ones do not make any sound and close automatically with a slight push.

Cabinet hinges sizes

The size tends to be a big issue while choosing. If you end up buying those that are way too big or way too small, it might not be the right fit.

Kitchen cabinet hinges types

  • Wrap Around – They are usually attached with one face at the back of the door, and another in the front that wraps around the cabinet frame from the inside. These supports give excellent stability to the doors do not fall apart when the load is delivered. However, these can be seen from the outside, so make sure that you choose a matching paint color.
  • Face Frame (Semi-Concealed) – These are among the most common styles availed by people these days. It lets the frame go around from where it opens, and with the help of motion, it will stick to the cabinet door. In this way, nothing obstructive comes into the visibility of the onlookers.
  • Surface Mount – These are only the other name for the frameless motions. These are usually installed in the inside door, where you need to have a high swing without really touching the frame. These motions, however, come with adjustable frame motions.
  • Inset – The particular one comes with two sides, one narrow and the other wide. While the thin side attaches to the door frame, the wider side stretches to the door’s inside. If you see at a distance, only the narrow side will be visible.
  • Overlay – If you are looking for a motion covering the whole face, then there is probably no better option than the overlay one to avail of. They come in various styles and attach to the door and either the face frame or the inside of a frameless door.
  • Flush/Full Inset Hinges – Much like a butt hinge, these attach to the inside part of the frame and door. If there is a shortage of space, then such a motion can prove highly beneficial as it would not take up any extra space.

Best Brands of Kitchen Cabinet Hinges

Here are some of the brands that you might consider while choosing:

  • Godrej – Godrej, with many years of experience, proves to be the best when it comes to meeting your requirements. From concealed to wrap, it has every type that you would like to order, and that too, with a service guarantee.
  • Hardwyn – For all your needs regarding drawers, and channel specifications, the Hardwyn products have been proved to be top-notch. They have meticulously styled products of affordable ranges that will surely cater to your interests.
  • IPSA – When it is about the mechanism, nobody can give a competition to IPSA. They have been providing unnegotiable services to the customers with quality products that can last for a lifetime.
  • Ozone Overseas – Ozone Overseas dream big when it comes to modern equipment, and their products narrate the same story. They have top-notch and quality products that can nowhere be compared to ordinary brands. If you are a person of sophistication, then the particular brand is the one to go for.
  • Spider – Getting something user-friendly that will be easy to use in the kitchen amidst so many kitchen tasks is very important, and the ones by the Spider is a perfect choice that one must make.

Where to Buy Kitchen Cabinet Hinges?

Are you wondering where you can buy them? Head to the website of McCoymart so that you can avail yourself of the best quality products. Apart from quality, McCoymart also ensures that you do not have to empty your pockets by offering reasonable discounts on the side.

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