Glimpse through the Various Types of Hinges for Cabinets

By: | December 15 , 2021
Types of Hinges for Cabinets

When you give your home a makeover, all essential elements are addressed initially, but certain little things are overlooked. Cabinet hinges are one of those tiny details that hugely influence the home’s overall appearance. These joiners are affixed to the exterior or interior surface of the cabinet to connect the door and frame.

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The variety of cabinet hinges in the market is vast, which usually complicates selecting the ideal hinge. While choosing the perfect cupboard hinges you can go through different kitchen cabinet hinges types that have designs and finishes depending on your needs, personal tastes, and the overall design of your home. Continue reading to know more about types of cabinet door hinges:

6 Different Types of Hinges for Cabinets

  • Half Overlay

  • Full Overlay

  • Inset Hinge

  • Concealed Hinge

  • Blind Corner Hinge

  • Soft Close Hinge

Half Overlay

Half overlay hinge is often referred to as half crank hinge. Partial or half overlay hinges are appropriate for cupboard doors that have a partition in between. They are installed on the opposite side of the shared partition so that each cabinet door can open and close smoothly. Half overlay joiners are great for kitchen door cupboards because they are appropriate for two doors and have a modest weight-bearing capability. In addition, these joiners are positioned back from the cupboard’s edge, allowing the cupboard’s edge to be visible. In order to fix the half overlay hinge, having a partial overlay or half overlay cupboard is a must.

Full Overlay

A full overlay hinge is perfect for cupboard doors that allow the door to overlay the cabinet box completely. When closed, full overlay joiners fit entirely within the cupboard opening and sit flat with the surface of the cupboard side or front frames. These joiners come in a variety of forms; thus, they can be easily connected to the door front as well as the interior of a frameless cabinet. Full overlay hinges are specifically developed for separate cupboards or cupboards that are fixed on the edge. Installing them is quite simple as they are just pinned with a screwdriver.

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Inset Hinge

The inset hinge is also known as a full crank hinge. The narrow side of the Inset hinges connects to the door frame, while the broader side connects to the interior of the cupboard door. They are offset from the door’s edge so that when the door is closed, the hinge sits flat with the surface. Inset joiners are available in various finishes and ornamental patterns to complement the look of your cabinets. In addition, inset joiners are ideal for embedded overlay doors because they offer a sleek and seamless appearance.

Concealed Hinge

Concealed hinges are also referred to as invisible hinges. They are intricately designed in such a manner that you can only see the face of the door. These joiners can easily be placed on any type of door with at least 1/2 inch thickness, be it frameless, face-frame, partial overlay, or inset doors. It is also extremely easy to install on the cupboards because you only need to position the hinge on the edge of the door and then mark the placement points before screwing the hinge. Concealed hinge is among the commonly used kitchen cabinet hinges.

Blind Corner Hinge

Blind corner hinges are ideal for inset doors. A conventional inset door is attached with a Blind corner hinge at a 90-degree angle with the door. This cabinet door hinge is placed parallel with the door. The blind Corner hinge is distinct in look as it is significantly shorter than another standard Door hinge. It comes in handy when you’re working with smaller or congested spaces. This type of Hinge is most commonly used in bathrooms, kitchens, and other cupboards Because it can easily be adjusted after installation.

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Soft Close Hinge

A soft close hinge avoids the smashing door sound produced by conventional self-closing hinges. These joiners are supported by a hydraulic mechanism that helps to close the cupboard door gently and silently. A lever is attached to the rear of this hinge that allows you to alter the soft-close speed by selecting different closing pressure levels. Rather than the hinge cup, the soft-close mechanism is totally built into the hinge arm.

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