Small Kitchen Interior Design Ideas for Indian Apartments

By: | November 11 , 2022
Small Kitchen Interior Design

Top Interior Design Ideas for a Small Kitchen to make the kitchen feel spacious

There is no doubt that designing or renovating a new kitchen can be an exciting thing. But while doing kitchen interior design, don’t forget to consider your kitchen size. The reason is the design that looks good for big size kitchen may not feel comfortable in a small size kitchen.

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Well, there is nothing to worry about it now. If you have a small kitchen and want to enhance its functional and aesthetic factor, then here are some best kitchen interior design ideas that you can consider. The primary purpose of these ideas is to increase your kitchen space while enhancing its appearance. So, let’s get started with it and explore the ideas.
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    1. Add some small tables

      Table and contrasting colours
      Your kitchen may not have enough space to accommodate a large size table. Well, you can squeeze in a small dining table with 2 to 3 stools. While buying a table, prefer to choose something that is light and can be placed in the corner so that you can get more space. You can easily find a small and affordable kitchen table online.

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    1. Only go for three colors

      One clever trick for kitchen interior design is to only go for three colors to paint your kitchen’s interior. Using a lot of color combinations can make your small kitchen look crowded. Besides, a perfect rigid color scheme can make a small kitchen look organized. Give it a try, and you can feel the difference.

    2. Go creative for creating storage space

      Creative storage space
      Well, kitchen architecture has its own interior design rules. But sometimes you can achieve great things by breaking them. Generally, people prefer to have a high cabinet covering the walls. But you can go a little creative. How about a framed kitchen window having storage space below it? It will really look pleasing, and you will get more storage space in your small kitchen. You can also install open shelves to keep cutlery and crockery items.

    3. Go on and highlight with a fantastic accent

      A space having one color can make your small kitchen feel large. But you can accentuate the speciousness by highlighting a small part of your kitchen using a bright color. You can even go for any accent works. This will look great.

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    1. Kitchen layouts

      Kitchen Layout
      If your kitchen has a vertically long space, then you can go for parallel layout design. Place two countertops on both the side. With this, you will get a lot of walking space. On the other hand, you can also try out the U-shaped layout to achieve more storage space in your kitchen. Sometimes, you can go for an L-shaped kitchen layout. Under this design, the kitchen counters are placed on walls to increase the space.

    2. Marbles that reflect

      marble kitchen
      A marble plays a significant role in small kitchen design. It can go a long way as it effectively reflects indoor lights as well as makes the inner space look large. There are also less expensive reflective materials that you can use in place of marble to get the reflective effect.

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  1. Install large windows

    kitchen window
    Want to make your small kitchen spacious and airy? You will not find a perfect option than installing large size windows. With this, your kitchen will receive a sufficient amount of fresh air and natural light. Furthermore, it will keep your kitchen cool. In small-sized kitchen prefer to have at least two large size windows.

  2. Let it hang

    kitchen Wall hooks
    As the storage space in a small kitchen is limited, you should try your best not to keep things on the countertop. How to do that? Well, try as many things as you can on the wall to save a massive amount of storage space. Install wall hooks for this. Some things, such as tea towels, pans, spices, and pots, can be hung on the hooks. It will come handy when it comes to storing extra kitchen items.

  3. All small white kitchen

    white kitchen
    If your kitchen is tiny, then cover the interior with white color. Install white kitchen countertops, cabinets, and fixtures. The white color will make the kitchen spacious. Besides, it will make your kitchen feel cooler and comfortable. However, you need to be very about maintenance and cleaning.

  4. Install pendant lamps

    kitchen light

    Well, pendant lamps may take little space, but they can effectively enhance the kitchen’s cosines. However, prefer to install lights that have adjustable features. So that you can hang them higher when not in use.

  5. Go for small sinks

    kitchen shink
    Instead of a single large size sink, you can install two small size sinks. It doesn’t just save space, by installing two small sinks, you can lower the traffic at one sink.

  6. Kitchen island

    Kitchen Island
    It means there will be a countertop at the center place, having a stove on it. It offers enough walking space in your small kitchen. Besides, you will also get enough storage space. This style only utilizes your kitchen’s center area, maximizing the space.

    No matter how small your kitchen is, you can easily find a perfect home kitchen interior design to make it look bigger and beautiful.

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