Small Kitchen Interior Design Ideas for Indian Apartments

By November 04 , 2019

If you are living in an apartment or a house with a small kitchen which you want to improve in terms of both aesthetics and function, there is a whole lot of design ideas which can help you achieve the same. The modern small kitchen design ideas maximize space in a small kitchen while imparting an eye-catching appearance to it.

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Table and contrasting colours

Small kitchens do not have space for large dining tables. Thus, adding a small table at the corner of the kitchen with stools around it is a good idea. The small table also eliminates the need for a separate dining space. In addition, using fixtures of contrasting colours is also a clever kitchen interior design idea because contrasting colour combination makes the kitchen appear spacious. However, an excess of colours must be avoided. Three colour scheme is enough.

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Creative storage space

Cabinets fixed high on the wall are the conventional storage spaces in a kitchen. In a small kitchen, a framed window with storage space underneath the window not only appears pleasing to the eye but also maximises the storage space in the kitchen. Open shelves for storing crockery items and cutlery also increases the storage space in the kitchen.

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Parallel layout is suitable if the kitchen is located in a narrow space of the apartment or house. Parallel layout has fixtures on one wall with countertop, cooking top, storage cabinets, etc. on the opposite wall. This layout provides sufficient walking space in the kitchen.

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  • shaped layout provides a lot of counterspace in the kitchen for working. Another benefit of a u-shaped layout is that you get a lot of storage space even if the kitchen size is small.
  • shaped layout is also a perfect design for small kitchens. L-shaped kitchen can be made at one corner of the apartment or house. In this design, the counters are on the walls which maximise the space in the kitchen.

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Large windows in a small kitchen make it appear more spacious. Besides, natural light and air entering the kitchen through the large windows keep the kitchen bright and prevents heat buildup. Thus, installing some large windows is recommended for small kitchens.

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Wall hooks

A small kitchen has limited storage space, hence it is necessary to utilize the available space well without putting things on the kitchen countertop. Wall hooks serve the purpose of storage well. You can hang pots, pans, towels and other things on the wall hooks. Thus, even if all the available storage space is full, the wall hooks come handy in storing extra things.

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White kitchen

A completely white kitchen featuring white cabinets, white counters, white fixtures, etc. is a popular choice for small kitchens. White look makes the small kitchen appear comfortable and bright. Regular cleaning always makes the white kitchen look clean and tidy.

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Glass makes a small kitchen look more spacious. Reflective quality of glass also makes the kitchen more bright. You can go for glass fronted wall cupboards, glass shelf doors, glass countertops and glass tabletops. Reflective glass tiles also add to aesthetics of a glass kitchen. In addition to glass elements, you can also place mirrors at the corners and backsplash to enhance the brightness.

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Marble can be used in a small kitchen because it reflects light and makes the kitchen appear bigger. Marble flooring or marble countertop are popular marble elements in small kitchens.

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Large ceiling lamps impart a coziness to a small kitchen. Pendant lights can also be used in small kitchen to get a cozy appearance. Both ceiling lamps and pendant lights do not take up much space and hang low.

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Kitchen island

Kitchen island is a countertop at the centre of the kitchen which has a stove on it. Kitchen island enhances walking space in the kitchen, increases storage space and is also accessible from all areas of the kitchen. Thus, kitchen island utilises the central portion of the kitchen to maximise space in a small kitchen.

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Aesthetically appealing floor is an important part of a small kitchen interior design idea. Prominent flooring incorporates style into the kitchen while making the kitchen appear more spacious. Marble tiles or long tiles with glossy finish give an appearance of a large space due to high reflection of light. The tiles should be of a light colour shade. Checkerboard tiles contrasting well with the cabinets and counters also make for good flooring for small kitchens.

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The small kitchen can be separated from the rest of the apartment or house to create a sense of a spacious kitchen. The divider can be a partition or a small wall. Glass walls and partitions are very popular.

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Small sinks

Installing two small sinks instead of a single large sink is a good design idea for small kitchens. Besides saving space, two small sinks also decreases the traffic at one sink.

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