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By: | September 28 , 2022
Standard kitchen sink size

Kitchen sinks are an indispensable part of your cooking room. It is useful for washing utensils, vegetables, fruits, and other stuff that you need in the kitchen. These basins are not only large but effective too. All you need to check is proper Kitchen Sink Sizes that are ideal for your kitchen. The bays are an essential part of your cooking room as they add elegance to the room. This guide will help you understand what you need to consider before buying a cooking room basin. It will also give you tips and make you aware of the things you should not miss while considering kitchen sink dimensions.

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Types of Cooking Room Basins

  • Single bowl: Single basins fit in every type of cooking room top. They are the most widely accessible models in the market. They mostly have under-mount fittings, but some bowls have a farmhouse or drop-in fittings.
  • Dimension tips: If you are buying a single basin, know how much space you have in your kitchen to fit it. Then see the measurement or measure out the Single sink dimensions and check that it fits in or not.
  • Double bowl: Double basins require much space to be installed into. If you fit this basin, you can use one bowl to wash and the other to rinse. You can also let the utensils dry in the extra bowl. They also have under-mount fittings.
  • Dimension tips: Before buying a double bowl basin, select the area where you want to fit it. The double sink size is larger than the single ones. If you have a double bowl requirement but don’t have much space, you can choose a corner double bowl sink.
  • Triple bowl: Triple bowl cooking room basins are not that popular as the other two types. Yet, it is available and comes much in use. You can wash, rinse, and let utensils dry in separate bowls. Moreover, you need ample space for fitting a triple basin. Even the length of the triple bowl basin is bigger than the double ones.
  • Dimension tips: You should remember that the dimension will be huge compared to the other models. So it would be best if you measure the area available on your cooking room countertop. After that, you should check the specification of size or measure the basin you want to buy.

Double sink kitchen size

Kitchen Sinks Sizes

Kitchen Sinks
Hafele Camelia Single Bowl Kitchen Sink
(860 x 500 x 210 mm)
Rs. 11,500
Futura Sinks Undermount Series Kitchen Sink FS 503
(29 X 16 X 9)
Rs. 8,595
Kaff Oliva Series KSD 60 SB Single Bowl Kitchen Sink
(220 mm)
Rs. 5,519
Nirali Rois Round Sink Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink
(450 mm)
Rs. 4,190
Hekken Heffel Square 304 Grade Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink
Rs. 6,928
Crocodile 304 Grade Single Bowl Stainless Steel Handmade Sink
(27 x 21 x 10)
Rs. 8,496


There are Various Standard Kitchen Sink Size Options That are Available in the Market. Some of the Pointers to Keep in Mind Include –

  • The smallest extent that can be found is 9″. The biggest magnitude of the cooking room vessel is 40″. The sink size should stay within the range of 9″ to 40″.
  • The Standard sink sizes are available between 24″ to 36″. However, the commonly seen models in any kitchen are between 30″ to 33″. It would help if you chose the dimensions depending on the space available; otherwise, the vessel would seem a misfit.
  • Stainless steel sink sizes above 36″ are called oversized vessels. They are perfect for the huge cooking room and professional cooking rooms or restaurants.
  • The single bowl basins are within 30″. The Double sink kitchen size is above 30″. You will generally not find these vessels below 30″.

Cooking room vessels are available in many dimensions. Keep the points mentioned above while selecting one. This will help you to have a perfect purchase. Always keep in mind that the dimension of your cooking room countertop matters the most. Once you know how much space you can allot for the vessel, it will be easier for you to select the model.

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