What are the Most Popular Air Cooler Brands in India?

By: | August 29 , 2022
Most Popular Air Cooler Brands in India

With the summer heat already taking over you, it becomes impossible to survive without an additional cooling source. But not everybody can afford to purchase an air conditioner due to the troubled economic condition. In such a situation, taking the resort to an affordable substitute is the ideal thing that one can do.

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Various air coolers leading brands offer quality cooling features without digging a hole in your pocket. But, amidst so many brands budding up nowadays, the choice of discovering the ideal brand might be tricky for you. Thus, we are here to acquaint you with some brands that can be trusted if you’re planning on getting an air ventilator.

But, before you proceed to choose the best air cooler for home, and see what the brands have to offer, take a look into their varied categories that might help you distinguish better.

  • Desert Chiller
  • Personal Chiller
  • Tower Chiller
  • Window Chiller

Bajaj Cooler


Bajaj: Name it, and Bajaj has it! From Window to desert ones, Bajaj has it all, and not to forget its top-notch quality. Since the last eight decades, they have made every end meet to simplify human lives. No matter what your needs are, it has got something for everyone—beginning with its powerful air throw that can reach everyone in the space without fail, and then, the incredible turbofan technology. Also, it’s big, and high air delivery ensures effective cooling.

Bajaj understands the ever-changing climate conditions and always aims to cater to the mass from different geographical locations. It is quite compact, making it a good portable option, and besides, the castor wheels also ensure high mobility and help in easy movement. The best part about the brand is the price point, and it’s consumption. If compared to other air ventilators, the Bajaj air cooler price is on the affordable side and consumes no more than 100 Watts.

Havells Cooler


Havells: Whenever the term “smart technology” was coined, there’s only one name that has come to the top again and again, and it’s Havells. With their onset in the world of air ventilators, the traditional definition seems to have taken a back seat.

The range of products brought by them is far from the conventional chillers that solely rely on the evaporative cooling theory, and instead, it features the excellent Breatheezee Technology. Unlike other traditional air ventilators, it comes with exceptional dust filters on three sides and completely collapsible louvers on the front to prevent dust from entering the chiller and blocking the cool breeze.

Do you feel cleaning them off can be a real fuss? Then, the ones from Havells can take away all your worries. It possesses the processed anti-bacterial, anti-erosion, and anti-deformation honeycomb pads, which claim to absorb the dust particles. Its hydrophilic properties are known to cleanse the breeze that comes across. At the same time, it takes note of hygiene and comes with a covered water tank that keeps the mosquitoes at bay and is also equipped with a secure drainage system, making it the best you can have for the summers. Coming to the Havells air cooler price, they offer a wider scale range, making it easy for individuals from various financial buckets to avail.

Symphony Cooler


Symphony: Nobody nowadays prefers too much baggage; thus, the number of air chiller that occupies huge space is continuously decreasing. The eventual decrease in numbers has been replaced with the slim and compact ones, and Symphony tops the list. Over the decades, they have understood the luxury needs of the mass and have introduced an incredible range of air ventilators keeping their financial restrictions in mind. Gone are the days when having such a summer savior and maintaining it was too laborious. Now, with the Symphony air cooler coming in, the picture has changed completely. To begin with, they are equipped with the multistage filtration system, which ensures fresh and healthy air delivery.

The cool flow dispenser that comes along further ensures that the water put in, gets evenly distributed. Also, forget the fuss of refilling water constantly as it possesses honeycomb cooling pads, which can not only retain water for a longer time but also cools the hot air absorbed in the chambers, much faster. Not to forget some of its modern specifications, such as the water level indicator that can keep you informed about the tank’s refill status and the castor wheels that can make it rotate a complete 360° without getting stuck.

Usha Cooler


Usha: With a rich heritage of over eighty years, Usha stands out because of its immense versatility and varied options in the price range for the customers to avail. They are termed as India’s “most trusted” and have also gained quite a popularity to tame the heat and satisfy you with the ideal cooling strife.

Do you know the best part about it? The air that comes from it isn’t a blow or kind of rush and, instead, feels much like a breeze. Besides providing the individuals with extensive features such as honeycomb cooling and top-notch technology like aerodynamically designed large sweep fans and concealed water pumps, these air coolers take care of the environment as well.&n

Comparatively, the water that is required to refill the Usha air cooler tanks is much less than the conventional ones, and that is what makes it an ideal choice to match your lifestyle. With the Sun coming out of the clouds, and the degrees rising, it is almost impossible to survive the heat just with the fans. So, before you go on looking for some affordable options, end your search at McCoy Mart where we present you with a list of the best air cooler brands to get some respite from the heat!

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