What is a Laminate Sheet – it’s Types & Uses

By: | October 04 , 2022

What is a laminate sheet? The sheets that are hard in nature and mainly used over the wooden furniture for giving an attractive look is known as laminate sheets. There are ample advantages to using this type of sheets because they are water resistant. Apart from this, any type of scratches can be easily removed from such sheets. The standard sheet measures about 8 feet x 4 feet and they have a thickness that varies from 0.6 mm to 1.5 mm. In fact, furniture gets a different look once the sheets are covered over it. However, there may be slight variations on the size.

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Various Categories of Laminate Sheets

It would be very interesting to know about various types of laminate sheets. The classification is mainly made on the basis of the manufacturing process or usage or sometimes upon the surface finish or sometimes upon its demand in the industrial world. So let’s try to know and gather some relevant information about some of them.

  • Based on the manufacturing process the sheets are classified into low -pressure sheets and high- pressure sheets. The low- pressure sheets are soaked in melamine and then allowed to dry up naturally. Whereas the high- pressure ones are very hard and they are automatically put over the plywood.
  • Based on the type of usages the sheets are also classified into the decorative laminate and industrial laminate. The decorative ones are mainly applied over the furniture for decorating the furniture and protecting the same. On the other hand, the industrial laminate is very tough in nature and mainly protects the furniture against any tear or scratches.
  • Apart from this, there are unicore laminate and noncore laminate. The first one provides a very neat and pleasant look. Whereas the later one is much more economical in nature and usually found in black color. Even there are other types of laminates such as magnetic laminate, marker or chalkboard laminate that are also available in the market.

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Manufacturing Process of Laminate Sheets

What are laminate sheets made of? In fact, this is indeed a very interesting question that is related to the subject. Both paper and plastic are used in the making of this type of sheets. It has been observed that brown and decorative papers are both soaked in melamine and then pressed hard. After some time they are allowed to dry naturally under the sun.

Many of us must have heard about sunmica. They are also a form of laminate sheets that are made with the help of chemical resins. However, the main ingredients in the entire manufacturing process of laminate sheets are phenolic resin; melamine resin, brown paper and most importantly clear translucent paper.

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Various Applications of Laminate Sheets

There are wide uses of laminate sheets. It has been repeatedly observed that mostly laminate sheets are used for a decorative and protective purpose. Decoration in the sense it is mainly applied as a coating over the furniture. It changes the look of the furniture along with good longevity.

On the other hand, there are some sheets that are very durable in nature. So they can protect the furniture from any type of scratch marks. They are very easy to apply so most of the people prefer to use it. Moreover, recently there has been a great advancement in its designs. New designs have been introduced to give a finer look to the furniture.

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A Complete Overview on Laminate Sheets

The sheet that is formed by the bonding of two papers is mainly termed as laminate sheets. The papers used are brown paper and sometimes kraft paper. Both the sheets are then soaked in melamine and then allowed to dry up under the sun. This type of sheets is mainly abrasion resistance so it is widely accepted. The price involved in manufacturing a sheet is much lower than the other ones. It has also been mentioned that there are various types of laminate sheets.

This is the only reason why most of the furniture shops mainly rely to use this type of sheets over the table tops and other segments of furniture. They are applied by using glue. Once applied it is hardly tough to remove or tear the sheet.
The industries manufacturing this type of sheets get a bulk order from various hotels, corporate offices and other organizations. Although glass tops are mostly seen in many places still the laminate sheets has not lost its importance. There are some advanced machines used during the manufacturing process of sheets.

These are drying and cooling machines, hydraulic press, cutting machines, sanding machines and steel plates. Without the involvement of this type of devices, it is hardly impossible to manufacture a beautiful laminate sheet. The people manufacturing such sheets undergo good training for handling the device safely.

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