What is the laminating process?

By: | September 08 , 2021

Below is step-by-step laminating process detail:

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  • Laminating is a process in which a finished product is manufactured and is a combination of multiple layers like paper, plastic, glass etc. A laminating machine is used for manufacturing.
  • The finished composite product has additional properties like good strength, sound insulation, scratch resistant, resistant to wear and tear, heat resistant and is aesthetically pleasing. Laminating increases the durability of the materials by keeping it new for years by preserving its color.
    • In the laminating process all the multiple layers are joined using different kinds of mediums like adhesives, welding, heat and pressure is induced on the substrate. . Different kinds of products can be laminated for e.g. in laminated glass a piece of laminate is sandwiched between two pieces of glass.
    • The Laminating process is widely used in building materials. Melamine boards are laminated with a single film to form the finished product that can be directly used for interior application. Various decorative laminates are being manufactured to create aesthetic and pleasing surface finishes.
    • The laminated products are mainly used for the interiors and is  not advisable for the outdoors.

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