Laxmi Nagar house collapse shakes Municipal Corporation authorities

By: | July 25 , 2022
laxmi nagar

After a recent collapse of a four-storeyed building in Laxmi Nagar which injured five people, the East Delhi Municipal Corporation (EDMC) has classified only two buildings as ‘dangerous’ in the area. However, the report has surveyed 3,17,347 houses out of a total of 3,93,877 houses in East Delhi.

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According to the corporation officials, before monsoon season each year, buildings are surveyed for any danger, after which the houses that are found repairable or dangerous, are provided with a notice. If the demands are not met, the building is sealed. Since East Delhi is on Seismic Zone 4 and on the Yamuna floodplains, this makes the buildings more susceptible to damage during any land movement or water seepage. The area has a history of structural failures leading to collapses.

“The Laxmi Nagar building was sealed in 2011. However, the owners got the repair work done and got it reopened. We have launched a probe into the cause of the collapse. After the collapse, we have inspected a number of adjoining buildings for safety. An overall survey will also be conducted,” said a senior East Corporation official.

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