Modern Kitchen Design Ideas and Latest Trends for 2019

By November 04 , 2019

Kitchen has become a focal point of the house in the modern times. Home owners like to flaunt their kitchens in front of friends and relatives. Kitchen remodelling is the buzzword and everyone is looking for new ideas to improve the functionality and asethetics of their kitchens. Whether you have an old kitchen which you want to transform or implement new ideas in your modern kitchen, the modern kitchen design trends are immensely beneficial to know what’s going on in the kitchen remodelling market.

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These are some of the kitchen design trends to try out this year.

1. Open shelves

Removing the upper wall cabinets has become a popular trend and is likely to catch up more in 2019. The cabinets can be replaced with open shelving made of glass, wood or metal. Open shelving in place of cabinets makes the kitchen appear larger and provides more working space on the countertop.

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2. Innovative kitchen storage

Kitchen cabinetry wastes a lot of space and you can end up facing a lack of adequate storage space. Efficient storage solutions are now available for you. These include roll-out trays for storing pots and pans, drawer dividers for storing utensils and cutlery, appliance garages for small appliances, pull-outs for storing spices and wastebasket cabinets for storing garbage. You can get rid of the problem of storage this year by adopting these storage methods.

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3. Cabinet colour

Dark colours have become popular in kitchen colour trends for cabinets. Dark tones for cabinet colouring include black, plum, emerald green and navy blue. Dark kitchen cabinets impart an elegant and luxurious appearance to the kitchen. For example, kitchen having black matte coloured cabinets with pendant lighting makes for superior aesthetics. Apart from a dark shade, you can also create a combination of different colours and wood stains.

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4. Vintage design

You can perfectly blend the old world charm with modernism in your kitchen by implementing vintage design trend. A perfect vintage kitchen has natural stone floor, organic basalt tiles, vintage design lighting and fixtures and hand wrapped rattan furniture. Traditional elements blend in with modern design in a vintage kitchen.

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5. Quartz countertop

Quartz is the best material for kitchen countertops. Quartz countertop is highly durable, resists microbes and is easy to maintain. Quartz countertops come in a plethora of colours and finishes. Quartz countertops with finishes which mimic natural stones are immensely popular. Colours such as creamy, grey, taupe and white are more in vogue for quartz countertops.

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6. Modern sinks

Special sinks which stand apart from the conventional sinks are also defining the new kitchen trends. Sandstone, colourful granite sinks, polished marble and hammered copper sinks are some popular kitchen sink choices for modern kitchens. Modern sinks can also be equipped with innovative taps and fancy faucets. For example, taps which can be extended to fill pots and folded back after use and high-gloss faucets made of copper and gold.

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7. Ceramic flooring

Ceramic flooring has made some headway into modern kitchen trends to replace wooden flooring. Ceramic floor tiles come in a plethora of designs, styles and sizes. Ceramic floor tiles resembling hardwood and natural stone are widely available in the market. They impart a hardwood or natural stone look to the kitchen floor without requiring the same amount of maintenance. Ceramic tiles come in all sizes. Thus, whether you want tiles which look like large hardwood planks or custom cut tiles to create patterned flooring, ceramic tiles are the best option.

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8. Appliance styles

Stainless steel appliances in silver toned colours have long dominated kitchens. Modern kitchen appliances are available in many types of colours and finishes. For example, there are many stylish kitchen stoves available in ruby red and bright blue colours. Vintage styled refrigerators are also present in the market. You can use a multitude of colours and finishes with respect to kitchen appliances to give a creative appearance to the kitchen.

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9. Pendant lighting

Pendant lighting adds a unique touch to the kitchen. The suspended light complete with wire and glowing bulb inside the enclosure, becomes the focal point of the kitchen. Recessed lighting has been an important part of kitchen design trends for many years but pendant lighting has also caught the attention of people.

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10. Indoor herb garden

Growing herbs inside your kitchen ensures a steady supply for fresh herbs. Indoor herb garden also adds a splash of natural greenery to your kitchen. The planters in which the herbs are grown must be near the window so that the herbs get a good amount of sunlight. Watering the herbs is also not a problem because the sink is near.

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11. Aesthetically appealing backsplash

Large slabs of tiles in various colours, textures and patterns are the top trends in kitchen backsplash styles in 2019. The large slabs made of quartz, wood, copper, stainless steel, marble, glass, etc. come in an amazing variety of colour tones and patterns. Backsplash rising all the way to the ceiling has become a popular style.