What is a Natural Cleft Stone finish?

By: | September 15 , 2022

Natural Cleft Stone finish is associated with stones that have natural layers within them. This finish occurs very naturally when the layers of stone are quarried. This finish occurs mainly in materials like slate and limestone. The main characteristics of this stone are –

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  • This is a very natural and rustic matte finish.
  • Each piece of stone has its unique pattern and texture and no two stone slab pieces are the same. Hence while laying the stone there will be imperfections and no uniformity between any of the slabs.
  • The tiles are naturally anti-skid and anti-slip. They are preferred in wet areas like swimming pool decks etc.
  • The stone surface is slightly uneven and not smooth.
  • It is a comparatively cheaper form of finish as it is available in the natural form with minimum human intervention. No further processing of the surface is required as in other stone finishes.

The stone is widely used as a paving stone and as an outdoor building cladding material. The various patterns, undulations, and imperfections in the natural cleft stone make it a very interesting building material with good aesthetic value.

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