New UWDMA Office Bearers Elected

By: | March 30 , 2022

An open house discussion on activities of Upvc Windows Doors Manufacturers Association (UWDMA) was held on the 15th of July at New Delhi. The newly elected management team for the year 2016-2017 was announced and felicitated at the meeting.

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The following members were elected as office bearers – UWDMA for the year 2016-17.

President – Mr. Mario Schmidt (Lingel) Vice President – Mr. Farid Khan (Koemmerling) Treasurer – Mr. Amit Malhotra (McCoy) Secretary – Mr. Satish Kumar (Deceuninck) Marketing Head – Mr. Amit Malhotra – assisted by Mr. Y P Singh (Fenesta Windows) Technical Head – Mr. Robert Hoellrigl (Encraft UPVC windows) – assisted by Mr. Ullas Guliani (Rehau Polymer)

The meeting discussed various activities of UWDMA during year 2015-16. Various activities and programs participated / initiated by UWDMA during the year was presented. A booklet on UWDMA Fabrication Guidelines for Windows and Door sets was formally released by UWDMA President – Mario Schmidt. WFM agreed to distribute it to their database of architects, developers, fabricators and industry professionals. Release version 2 by March 2017 was announced. An Installation Guidelines will be released by November 2016.

UWDMA through Bureau of Indian Standards is working on a standard for the Indian market based on the EN 12608 with certain parameters adapted to suit the Indian climatic conditions and test ability. The profiles, besides being required to conform to EN 12608:2003 are also required that their class be specified by the manufacturer clearly printed on the profile so that the customer can identify the brand or original manufacturer and the standard followed.

Discussion on other initiatives for 2016-17

UWDMA Training Center at Bhiwadi: The need for UWDMA Training Centre for machine operators, fitters, glaziers and installers at Bhiwadi was discussed and approved by Core Team. Curriculum and actual operation to be discussed with Glass Academy and things pushed forward.

UWDMA Certification Program: It was discussed that UWDMA Certification Program will help control profile and fabrication quality. Marketing team will reinitiate discussion with TUV or IFT. A copy of the Guideline will be given to them to prepare a Quality Control check list. Technical Team will guide them regarding the same. Technical Team will also work on a checklist for Profile suppliers/manufacturers. Sample of what was discussed in an earlier meeting attached.

It was also decided that a new Governor would be appointed to monitor the day to day activities of UWDMA and to manage membership, revenue and interactions with different committees/ organizations.

UWDMA is a non governmental organization formed by industry leaders to promote and propagate uPVC windows and doors and it’s benefits to the Indian construction industry and general public at large.

UWDMA is constantly thriving streamline the industry and instil trust in the minds of consumers. The association is aggressively driving membership, so that more and more stakeholders become part and voice of the booming uPVC windows and doors industry.


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