Planning to Buy a Door Hinge? Here’s Everything You Should Know!

By: | August 29 , 2022
Types of Door Hinges

One of the most critical parts of any architecture is the door hinges. Opening doors and cabinets would be much harder if not for them. While they remain hidden in most of their applications, they still play a crucial part in improving the quality of architectural requirements wherever needed.

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If you want to understand what is door hinges, you need to understand their applications first. They are generally placed right by the edges of doors, and they fold open for the doors also to open themselves. Whatever the type of door – both commercial or residential, Door Hinges are an absolute must in their applications to function smoothly.

These hinges are generally invisible to the naked eye, but they form a significant part of the entire system.

There are many variants of hinges present at a pretty reasonable cost, and you must find out if they match your hardware essentials or even door types. You can coordinate and mix them up with good door handles as they generally operate in a function opposite of these handles. These hinges can also be categorized based on their needs in the residential and commercial sectors.

The Types of Door Hinges –

There are many types of door hinges.

Mortise/Butt hinge – These are hinges that can be used in almost all the necessary applications. They generally come with two leaves, which are then joined right around a removable metal pin, which also serves as the primary point of pivoting. These hinges can be used on exterior and interior doors as required.

Butt Hinge/Rising Mortise – These are another type of door hinge and are a standard variant. They are the reason the door raises itself when opened. It allows such doors to be used in unconventional applications such as carpets or uneven flooring. These doors can also be used in both exterior and other types of interior doors.

Ball-bearing – These hinges come connected with the help of bearings that are lubricated. They allow for quieter and smoother operation and are more durable and long-lasting, owing to lesser friction and minimal stress. Ball-bearing hinges can be used in exterior, wide doors, and also heavy doors.

Spring hinges – These type of hinges also feature springs which can automatically work towards pulling doors back to their closed position right after opening. The tensions of these doors can also be adjusted, and it must be implemented in requirements that need self-closing doors. These hinges can also be used in garage doors, screen doors, and doors that swing outwards.

Double-action hinge – These are another type of door hinge that can allow the door opening in both the directions and closes back automatically when it is pulled right to the as well. These doors can be used in dining and kitchen room doors and swinging doors that work two-ways.

Piano hinge – This type of hinge also distributes the weight throughout the entire length and reduces any stress by providing support as well. These are also available in narrow lengths and are found in the door’s length. They can be used on thin metal doors, fire doors, and even barn or shed doors.

Lift joint – These hinges allow the doors to be lifted right off them and can be dismantled without any need for tools. They are used on doors that see high traffic and doors where larger items are moved through frequently.

Concealed Types – These are the hinges that aren’t visible when the doors are closed. Every end is also mortised to the jamb and doors that allow visible hinges as the door opens. They can be found on the exterior and interior lightweight doors.

T-Hinge or Straps – They consist of a narrow, longleaf that also attaches right to the door and can pivot along with a second leaf or even a pintle attached surrounding the door. They are found as basic styles of even ornate designs. These hinges can be used on wooden gate entrances, heavy doors, garage doors, and shed and barn doors.

Swinging hinges – These hinges are also popularly known as the butler hinge or the cafe door hinge. They allow doors to open in both directions and are commonly found in restaurants with the old-school saloon style. The hook is designed so that the door moves like a pendulum gently after being opened.

How to Choose Door Hinges –

Hinges are made in different materials, and popular ones include cast iron, bronze, pewter, copper, bronze, and more. The material required is primarily dictated by the location where the door is at. If it’s exterior doors, then stainless steel can be used as it is resistant to corrosion.

The finish and the design also play a role whenever the priority shifts to functionality. The design and color become important as these doors can also come in various finishes, including antique or polished brass, oil rubbed bronze, black, brushed nickel, rust, and more. They also are made in styles of designs, and some even have beautiful patterns that are carved right into the knuckles and leaves of these hinges.

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