What is Casement Window?

By: | July 14 , 2022

Casement Windows are the most commonly used windows in Residential buildings. These windows are hinged at the sides; they allow maximum ventilation, light, and circulation of air into the inside of the building. Casement windows can be swung inwards or outwards. The characteristics of Casement windows are –

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  • Casement Windows are available in various designs and colors. The most commonly used materials for casement windows are wood, steel, aluminum, etc.
  • Casement Windows are energy-efficient windows as they always create an airtight seal. They prevent any kind of leakage of air in air-conditioned spaces.
  • They are very easy to open and close . Inward opening of windows is usually avoided and the outward opening is preferred for space-saving purposes.
  • Window air conditioners cannot be fixed on casement windows. They can be fixed only on fixed windows.
  • Casement Windows have size limitations, a four-feet wide span for windows is considered to be the most appropriate size. In case of long lengths of windows opening span, the area will have to be divided into two or more windows or a combination of single leaf and double leaf windows.

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