What is Polished finish in Stone?

By: | November 04 , 2019

Polished Stone finish is a reflective surface and finish on stone which can be done on crystallized stone. This is achieved by sanding, grinding or buffing of stone. The characteristics of polished stone are –

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  • Polished finish enhances the look and natural design of the stone. The textures, patterns and designs which depend on the mineral content of the stone are visible which create a very striking appeal in the space.
  • Polishing does not affect the porousity of the stone. In many cases sealants are used in stones, they close the pores and are resistant to moisture and stains.
  • Polishing gives a very smooth and sophisticated look to the natural stone. They are aesthetically very pleasing.
  • The polished finish might result in a very slippery floor .Hence it is avoided as a flooring surface and mainly used as wall panels, entrances, lobbies and counter tops.
  • Polished surfaces are very easy to clean and maintain. However it needs regular maintenance and polishing over a period of time to restore it high gloss look. Stones like limestone cannot achieve a mirror finish.
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Polished marble and granite find wide use in the interiors and exteriors of buildings.


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