12+ PVC Wall Panel Designs for Drawing Room & Bedroom

By: | September 14 , 2021
pvc wall panel design

There are wide varieties of wall panel applied in various rooms. In this connection, it can be well said that PVC wall panels are the most remarkable one. They have some specialties that make the whole thing unique. In fact, PVC wall panel images are quite common in the present time. They really give a very fantastic look to the whole room. Most of the hotel rooms and big corporate houses often adopt this mode of panels. Sometimes a different type of metals is also applied for designing the walls of the rooms.

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Materials Used for Manufacturing the Panels:

There are some specific types of metals that are mainly used for manufacturing such panels. Polyvinyl chloride is the main material that is used for manufacturing this type of panels. Apart from this, various types of modern devices is also applied by skilled professionals. Moreover, the PVC wall panel designs for drawing room are of an exclusive type.

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Each of the designs is made in contrast with the room design and colors. The textures are also quite different from the other one. The most remarkable feature of this type of panel is that they are very lightweight and have an optimum finish. The attractive designs of the PVC wall panel design for bedroom will always allow people to introduce this type of things.

PVC wall panel design for bedroom

This type of panels is quite good. They are absolute safe from any type of dust or corrosion.


On the other hand, the 3D designer panel can change the look of your room to a great extent. They are ideal to enhance the interior beauty of rooms.

If you want to have dust free interior then you can try with this type of walls. They can add new look to your rooms.


You can also try this type of wall panels that are completely dust free. The material is mainly of glass and plastic.


The teak wood texture wall is perfect for office and commercial places. They give a very smart look.


This can be the best type of wall for both walls and ceilings. You can try it for your rooms.


You must have noticed that most of the hotels usually follow this type of wall panels in the rooms.


The water proof wall panel is ideal for any type of room.


This wooden PVC Plastic is simply awesome for any type of room or either lobbies.


The stylish wooden finish wall panel is best suited in any type of rooms.


In order to give an appealing look to your room you can easily try this type of panels.


It is also good and ideal for bedrooms. It can give a soothing effect to your eyes.


This type of wall panels is durable in nature. They will run for a long time without any issue.


The 3D wall panels are just too good for your drawing or living rooms.


This type of wall panels are beautifully divided so that the rooms get a fantastic look.

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Panels Especially for Drawing and Bedroom:

It must be noted that the design that is included in the drawing room is not applicable in case of a bedroom. Bedroom panels are always light in color. They have a very soothing look. Bedroom panels are made in such a way that they give a very pleasant look to the eyes.  Moreover, in the drawing room, you may provide some deep color or other gorgeous designs.

So there are separate types of designs that are made specifically for panels of all rooms. This should be always kept in mind. Apart from all this, PVC panels are also used in various shopping malls, marriage ceremony halls, or refreshment places. They make the whole place very attractive and provide a stunning look.

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Top Features of PVC Panels

Most of the panels have some specific features that distinguish it from others. Let’s have a glance at some of the specific features of the PVC panels.

  • The panels are mostly waterproof. They can withstand any type of water leakage. It also has a very long life.
  • This type of panels is also flameproof. So if any type of fire activity is taken place within the room then it is safe to use.
  • The maintenance process of the panel is very easy. It requires less effort to clean the whole panel. Even there are skilled people who have the proper knowledge to carry the maintenance work.
  • Most importantly there are various designs and colors of the panel. So you can choose the one you wish. These are some of the main features and qualities that differentiate it from the other ones.

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The New Look of the Ceiling:

With the advent of PVC panels, there has been a new concept of the ceiling. Most of the ceilings in the present time have got a new look and design. Even a few days’ earlier people used to observe the traditional form of a ceiling. There were no such variations.

But now the whole things are continuously changing. The easy installation process and cost-effective character of the panel made it much more unique. There are many companies that have indulged themselves in the manufacture process panels. They are successfully carrying out the work and have earned a good reputation in this field.

Now wood wall panels are also very common. Such panels have a very glossy and amazing finish. Most of the hotels and restaurants are relying on this type of panels.

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Complete Overview of Panels:

On the other hand, the raw materials involved in the making of these panels are of top-quality.  The eye-catching looks of the panel provides a very elegant look. Once it is installed the cleaning process is quite easy and handy. The PVC wall panel design can be cleaned by a simple cloth. There are no such special items required to clean such panels.

Now the time has arrived when people should try something different for their walls. The PVC wall panels are simply awesome and fantastic. If you are really bored watching the same walls for years after year simply changes it. Put the wall panels so that the walls get a good look.

The company that provides the panels and its related items also provide good maintenance options. If required they can assist properly in maintaining the panels in a perfect manner so they get a long life even after several use. It will look like the new ones.

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