Alternatives to Wall Paint – Give Your Wall A Modern Look

By: | May 20 , 2022

The walls of our house often carry a lot of character and speak a lot about our personality. When your walls start looking dated or have started cracking and peeling at places, there is simply no better way to give your interior an instant boost than by freshening up the walls. Paint is fine, but applying them can be lots of hard work and when you’re anyway going through the pains of clearing out the room, why not make sure you use this opportunity to try out some different noteworthy alternatives. There are now many several stylish and affordable solutions to refresh your walls without having to use paint. Here are some cool, affordable ideas on how you can effectively revitalise your walls and affordably transform your home.

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1. Cladding

Instead of just painting your walls, why not treat them to something special? Cladding is a worthy alternative to the overused paint and can be used to beautify the insides of your home. There are several types of cladding available such as stone cladding, metal cladding, tile cladding, aluminium cladding etc. Which serve different purposes and functions. Stone cladding panels are notably easy to install, virtually maintenance free and beautifully ages with time. Cladding has completely revolutionised the wall application industry and proves to be the ideal choice as a permanent solution for an interior wall that requires frequent repainting.

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2. Paneling



Another sure shot way to liven up your wall is to cover it up with panels. Wall art with a recess, knick knacks, statues et al can help distract your visitors from the wall behind while helping add both aesthetics and functionality to your house. They are available in a wide range of choices and styles giving you a host of options to choose from when trying to figure which one works best for your abode. Your guests won’t ever have a clue of what lies behind all those panels.

3. Metal Wall Covering

Metal Wall Covering

Metal Wall Covering

Metallic wall covering is a contemporary idea that is guaranteed to make a statement. Metal, when tastefully done, can completely transform a room, taking it from ordinary to designer especially when paired with the right type of accessories. An elegant large-scale mural, a metallic wall cladding or even a metallic wallpaper can create a backdrop like no other while also being durable enough to easily stand the tests of time. The possibilities are seemingly endless and it can give your mundane and dull walls, a new leash of life.

4. Tile

Tiles for wall


Another way to restyle your walls is by covering them entirely with tile from floor to ceiling. There are several different types of tiles you can experiment with such as tile cladding, metal tiles or the tried and tested ceramic tiles, thus proving tile to be an extremely versatile option. Furthermore, they are extremely long-lasting and easy to maintain. As long as the tiling is properly executed, moisture will never be an issue either. You can even play around with different tiling options that are of different shapes and sizes to give your house a truly sophisticated and contemporary look.

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