Rectified Tiles vs. Non Rectified Tiles?

By: | October 06 , 2022
  • Rectified tiles are Plain Porcelain tile whose edges have been precisely cut such that the length and width of the tile have the exact dimensions and are same. These tiles go through an additional process of edge cutting such that they form a perfect square and the sides are perfectly at an angle of 90 degree. Non-Rectified tiles are Plain Porcelain Tiles.
  • Rectified tiles are slightly bigger when they are baked in the kiln. After the baking process edge cutting of the tiles is done so as to achieve precision in dimensions of the tile. Non-Rectified tiles are similarly baked in the kiln, they might be subjected to warping and shrinkage depending upon the moisture content of the tile .The warping and shrinkage causes slight variation in sizes of non-rectified tiles.
  • There is slight wastage in Rectified tiles due to edge cutting but there is no wastage in non-rectified tiles.
  • Rectified tiles are more expensive than non-rectified tiles.
  • Rectified tiles are used in areas where the tiles are separated by sleek grout lines of 1/8’’ as a part of the design element of the flooring. It imparts a seamless look to the flooring. In non-rectified tiles the thickness of the grout lines varies so as to make up for the variation in dimensions of the non-rectified tiles.

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