What is a Sandblasted Stone finish?

By: | September 15 , 2022

A sandblasted stone has a rough finish which is achieved when a stone is subjected to a high pressure blast of water and siliceous sand through an air gun. Steel shots could also be used for the sandblasting finish. This process softens the colour and characteristics of normal stone; it uniformly wears and tears the stone.

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The process of sandblasting is also known as abrasive blasting. The main characteristics of Sandblasted Stone finish are –

  • Sandblasted stone has a very faded look.
  • It has a rustic matte look with no shine or gloss.
  • The surface is very porous.
  • The surface is very difficult to clean hence in the interiors it is mainly used as a decorative feature for walls.
  • The texture is very dense, rough and very consistent creating a uniform design pattern.
  • The tiles are anti-skid and anti-slip and are highly appropriate for high traffic areas.

The sandblasted stone finish is widely used in wet areas like swimming pool decks, shower trays, patios. They are also used in areas where one has to give a very rustic look to the space.

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