Singapore to Host ZAK International Conference on Façade Design and Engineering

By: | September 13 , 2022

The Zak World of Façades conference, now marking its debut in South East Asia, will take place on 13th October, 2016 at Marina Bay Sands and is a full day event, which will cover important aspects from design, engineering and delivery of façades. It will feature presentations and group discussions by domain experts. The conference aims to address this very pressing issue of energy leakage through façades along with exploring ways for buildings to be sustainable with smart façades execution strategies.

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Opinions from leading architects, clients, façade consultants, contractors, etc., will be debated upon and a solution will be presented to comply with the current and proposed standards. Some of the key firms presenting and debating in this event would be Arup, Safdie Architects, RSP Architects, Meinhardt Façade, SAA Architects, ALT Cladding Gensler, Langdon &Seah, Architects61 and many more.

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The façade, which is a part of the building envelope, is the most important component in a building. It plays an important part in the building’s aesthetics, complementing the structural form and defining its visual impact on the urban environment.

The façade of a building is essentially responsible for preventing anything undesired from the outside coming to the inside vis-a-vis bad weather, rain, wind, pollution, heat, among others. This is especially important for buildings in Singapore, which have to cope with high humidity and temperatures.

Keeping a view of this, the BCA (Building Construction Authority) recently released the Green Mark 2016 regulations earlier this month and is keeping a strict vigil on the use of energy consumption for air conditioning. Buildings are typically being measured for their Envelope Thermal Transfer Value (ETTV) and Residential Envelope Transmittance Value (RETV). In simple terms, these measure how much heat is coming through the building envelope, such as the roof, doors, windows and façades.

“Façade engineering is becoming a more important and integral part of green building design because it affects the life cycle costs heavily in the long-run,” said Mr BenediktHerweg from Schueco South East Asia, one of the principal sponsors of this event.

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