Single Bowl vs Double Bowl Sink : Pros and Cons

By: | September 28 , 2022
Single Bowl vs Double Bowl sink and pros and cons
A kitchen is a very crucial part of every household and a Kitchen sink is where a lot of home owners spend their time, either for prepping their food or washing the utensils.


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Did you know, the double bowl sink was more popular before the dishwasher came into the fray. One bowl holds the dirty dishes and soapy water while the other one holds clear water/ utensil rack for the dishes. However, with time, single bowl sinks have become more popular.


The use of Single Bowl or Double Bowl sink depends on how much space you have in your kitchen, the number of people using the kitchen at the same time and the number of dishes that are kept in the sink after dinner time.
Nowadays, to save space the length of one bowl is kept at 15” and the other one at 21”. One sink is filled with hot soapy water and the other with clear, colder water for rinsing.


single double kitchen sink

Pros of using a Single Bowl sink

Single bowl sinks are popular today because they help in washing large dishes like a large roasting pan, a wok or lobster pot or a big pressure cooker or kadhai or pateela and no divider to bump into. A big single bowl will also hold all the dishes, so the kitchen looks more orderly.

Cons of a Single Bowl Sink

There is no option to separate the clean dishes from the dirty ones. You can’t thaw meat or wash vegetables while the sink is full of dishes.

Double Bowl kitchen Sink

Pros of a Double Bowl Sink

Double bowl sinks are ideal for washing dishes by hand. You can put normal water into one bowl, scrub these dishes and keep the clean dishes in the other bowl. You can also wash vegetables in one sink and stack your dirty dishes in another. Double bowl sinks help you separate your delicate utensils from heavier items like steel plate, bowls etc. Single bowls need more detergent and more water making the double bowl sink eco-friendly.

Cons of a Double Bowl Sink

Double bowl sinks are mostly larger, longer 40-48” and upto 60” in length therefore consuming a lot of counter space. The Installation charges for Double bowl sinks are much more than for single bowl sinks. And there will be time when neither side of the sink will be big enough for large utensils.

As a homeowner, the decision to buy a Single Bowl or Double Bowl sink depends on various factors – like the size of the family, kitchen area, how often you entertain and your style of cleaning up after meal time. We hope this article helped you decide which sink type is best for you.

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