Single Hung Window Vs Double Hung Window

By: | August 05 , 2022

The Hung Windows, as the name suggests are equipped with movable sash to let ventilation and light enter the interior. Among the Hung Windows, Single Hung Windows are the most popularly used and is a standard type for its affordability. On the other hand, the Double Hung Windows come with two movable sashes and they are easy to maintain. While choosing the hung-windows, you need to consider about the cost, maintenance and security at the same time –that is why you need to know about both the types and the difference in their specification.

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What is a Single Hung Window?

As the name suggests, a single hung window has the top sash fixed firmly on the frame so that it is not movable. However the sash on the bottom is not fixed tightly and hence, is operable to pull up and down the sash. In many cases, you will find geometric shape incorporated with the top sash as it is not movable.

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As an example, you can go for the casement windows as here a hinge keeps one side of the window attached with the frame. You can swing the sash out to open the side of the window.

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What is a Double Sash Window?

The Double Sash Window is a more convenient window where both the operable sashes can be moved vertically i.e. up and down. You can open the sashes in various angles you wish to let the air pass. The sashes can be opened both inward and outside.

For example, you can choose the Slider Windows which look the best if opening space is not longer than the width. Picture Windows can also be incorporated with double-hang windows to offer ventilation.

Difference between Single Hung and Double Hung Windows

While Single Hung Windows are the general standard windows used mostly in houses, apartments and office buildings, the Double-Hung Windows are more fancy windows if the homeowner is sincere enough to clean up the sashes regularly.

  • Cleaning Up – In case of Single-hung Windows, you can clean only the exterior section of top sash as it is stationary. It becomes problematic if the windows are located higher up the ground and reaching to the top sash is difficult, so you might appoint window-cleaning service providers regularly.
    The Double Hung Windows can be cleaned conveniently by raising both sashes inward, outward, tilting them and even cleaning them. Both interior and exterior can be cleaned by yourself rather than appointing any professional service.
  • Cost – While Double Hung Windows cost 10 to 20% more than that of Single Hung Windows, if you compare their cost annually including the maintenance cost, you will find that the allover cost is much higher than the Double-Hung ones. In long run, the low maintenance cost and enhanced security of Double-Hung Windows will seem cost-effective to you.
  • Ventilation/Air Filtration- In case of air filtration or ventilation, the Double Hung ones, especially the Casement windows are efficient in sealing out wind with the locking mechanism in three different places. On the other hand, these windows can be tilted open both on top and bottom for your convenience in ventilation.
    The Single Hung Window can be opened through the bottom sash only, thereby, offering limited ventilation. In case of kitchen or bathroom, these windows are prone to produce higher moisture, humidity, mildew and have less odor control characteristics.
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