Small Bathroom Renovation Ideas

By: | August 03 , 2022
Small Bathroom Renovation Ideas

There are a lot of things that could trigger in you the need to renovate your bathroom, it might be a flip through the pages of an interior design book, an advertisement in a magazine that features the latest bathroom fixtures, maybe your bathroom is really outdated, you are not happy about certain features of the bathroom, so on and so forth. But, when you are thinking of remodeling your bathroom there are indeed certain factors that you should consider so that the bathroom renovation effort does not produce a bizarre result whether you are considering a change of fixtures or a new design.

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Things to consider

The things you should consider before you embark on the bathroom renovation or bathroom remodel project include

bathroom remodel

Considering why you want to make the change- This refers to asking yourself what is the goal behind the renovation? For this, you might come up with a number of reasons such as making it look modern, improving the spatial arrangement, installing expensive fixtures etc. This would exactly be the guide for your renovation decisions and the priorities thereafter.

bathroom renovation

The fixtures- When it comes to bathroom renovation or remodel, it actually opens up the opportunity not only to trade outdated fixtures with modern and trendy ones but also to add fixtures that you do not have in the bathroom but would love to have after renovation. Planning the project in those lines would help you achieve what you want.

Current layout – While making changes whilst maintaining the layout is simple, fast and effective. If the layout is what that triggered the renovation plan, it does make sense to change the layout. There is plenty of bath remodel ideas that can help you out.

Current style

Current style- Whether you are installing a new fixture or considering a remodel or renovation work in the bathroom, all the changes you make should be one that you like without a doubt. But, at the same time, whatever you choose should create a cohesive appearance so as to set the style of the room, it could be modern, contemporary or any other style that augurs well with you.

Number of persons using the bathroom- The number of persons who would be using the room as well as whether there would be a need for two persons to use the room at the same time as in the case of children going to school etc can influence the layout as well as the choice of fixtures for the bathroom.

Installing eco-friendly fixtures- This will make the renovation project worthwhile by helping you save water and save water costs. You also stand to get better benefits such as better resale value while making the renovation work appealing to you.

outdated bathroom

Adding safety features- If your outdated bathroom did not score high on safety features especially for elders, the renovation project is the time to consider enhancing the safety elements such as grab bars, walk-in bathtubs etc.

Luxury bathroom

Luxury elements- if your bathroom renovation cost permits, renovation ideally is the time you should consider adding luxury elements to the bathroom such as in-bathroom TV, rain shower head, jetted tub etc which might be exciting to have in the new bathroom.

The budget- Planning within the budget spells the success of the renovation project. To renovate the bathroom as you please and suffer from financial headaches later is definitely not a pleasing proposition. Therefore, diligent planning and researching costs upfront would help in dealing with the renovation project with due weight to all the priorities.

What to expect?– No matter how excited you would be about the final outcome of the project, remodeling projects could be stressful. Preparing yourself to put up with the inconveniences during the renovation period and planning to manage it are important to have a hassle-free renovation project done.

Bathroom renovation ideas

Having dealt with the things to consider, it is time now to consider design tips for a small bathroom renovation. It includes

corner sink

Installing a corner sink- This is one way of ensuring that the traffic lane in a bathroom is not disrupted. The corner sink is an attractive proposition even over the pedestal sink in ensuring the traffic lane is free in a small bathroom. However, it is better to place the corner sink across from the toilet rather than the bath so that the opening and closing of the shower door which causes an awkward walk-around condition already is not amplified further.

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bath remodel ideas

Using a shower curtain- when the bathroom space is very small, you can consider using a shower curtain instead of a glass door that actually requires space for moving in and out when you open or close it. you can also sacrifice the bath door option to fit in the tubs that come in 60 inches long in the space available when you are working on bathroom renovation ideas.

Type and placement of vanity- when you need to fix in tight spaces, rounded style would be better than a square space. Mounting a vanity above the floor would free up space in the floor for small items.

The counter- The banjo style arrangement which would make it possible to give a minimalist and clean look. You would also be able to provide space for a few needed item without affecting the toilet placement using the stone or wooden slab as an extended counter.

Using large-scale pattern- Though they are of the bathroom in terms of square feet remains the same, the bathroom can be made to feel bigger by using wide stripe pattern which is also called as a large-scale pattern. This would give a feeling of having an expanded space.

shower door glass panel

Glass panels- Glass panels can be used effectively instead of a shower door. This would prevent water from splashing into the toilet are and at the same time provide the required elbow room.

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Mounting the towel bar

Mounting the towel bar- When there is a shortage of space mounting towel rods or shower door are ways of keeping them handy and dry

Trough sink

Trough sink- Trough sink is an ideal solution for small bathrooms which are narrow. The low profile nature of the trough sinks are good enough to free up the floor space and serve as effective storage space and also provides space for foot traffic.

Wall mounted faucet

Wall-mounted faucet- wall mounted faucet is great in terms of the fixture by itself as well as the additional area you would get to use owing to the small bathroom renovation idea. It is easily a traditional style that would work anywhere.

Bathroom remodeling trends

The bathroom remodeling trends and bathroom remodel ideas include

  • Creating niche spaces in bathrooms
  • Using design elements to maximize space and light in the room
  • Ousing open shelving on walls and embracing the vertical space concept
  • Installing cabinets on walls above the toilet to maximize the utility of space
  • Using aesthetically appealing built-in cupboards for storage
  • Installing a shelf or two under the counter to utilize space
  • Use of cabinetry for storage
  • Installing tiles vertically as opposed to horizontal style in practice
  • Installing sleek fixtures
  • Using high-end fixtures like copper vessel sinks, glass sink etc
  • Use of pocket doors or barn doors

Now, you would be well-equipped to carry on the bathroom remodel or renovation project in the way you want, within your budget, introducing the latest trends and styles in bathroom design effectively to form a coherent whole. This would ensure the success of the renovation process and ease the use of the toilet thereafter.

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